Photoshop 201
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Dec 21, Episode 201 Guest, Inspiration, Motivation, Video
I have watched this so many times, and each time, I become very emotional....
Dec 16, Episode 198 Inspiration, Video
Second Ever Portfolio Critique Chris, Iram, and I are very proud to bring you the second ever portfolio critique on Phlearn! The goal of this critique is to help not only Chis, but the whole Phamily become better....
Dec 15, Episode 197 Photoshop, Styling, Video
Creating a double exposure in Photoshop gives you a bit more control than doing it "in camera" Today we show you how to make it all come together....
Dec 06, Episode 190 Photography, Production, Video
How to Get People to Smile for Real in Photos Have you ever tried to take a picture of someone and they gave you a fake smile that looked HORRIBLE on camera? Maybe you can't figure out why you always look fake in photos. Today's episode is perfect for YOU. ...
Dec 02, Episode 188 Inspiration, Video
First Ever Portfolio Critique Philippe and I are proud to bring you the first ever Portfolio Critique on Phlearn. Philippe contacted me a couple of weeks ago with the same issue that many of us face. People around you tell you that you are doing great, but ...
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