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8 Ways to Get More Followers Today

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Dec 29

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How can I get more followers?

I hear this question a lot, and it is the perfect time to cover it on Social Media Week. If you are using Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Flickr or others, you know that having a lot of people follow your work can result in opportunities for growth and jobs. Today we cover some great ways to attract more people to you.

Today’s Episode Timeline

  • 0:45 – ContestReminder
  • 1:40 – Newsletter announcement – How to write an email to an “important person”
  • 2:30 – Focus on the cause not the effectto get more followers
  • 3:20 – Make sure you take care of the people who are currently following you
  • 4:40 – Buying followers – please don’t do it
  • 6:45 – Be as active as possible
  • 8:00 – Holding contests is a great genuine way for people to want to follow you
  • 9:10 – Make it easy for people to follow you. We Pheature a great way to do this
  • 10:30 – Use exclusive content to draw people to follow you
  • 11:30 – Example of content anyone can do
  • 12:10 – Be Real
  • 13:30 – Share what you know!

Focus on the cause, not the effect

Most people I meet are focused on the amount of followers they have, but that is working backwards. You get followers based on the fact that you are doing something worth following. Focus on creating great consistant content, and people will want to follow you.

The best thing you can do to be successful with this and any other thing in life is to bring real value to people. Add to people’s lives in a positive way, and you won’t have to convince anyone to be your friend. They will line up on their own.

Take care of your current followers.

When I was younger and still living with my parents, I expected them to buy me new clothes once and a while. Every new school year or birthday when I wanted something new, I would ask if it was time to get some new clothes. Like most kids, I was pretty messy, and a lot of my clothes spent most of their time on the floor.

“I am not going to buy you new clothes if you can’t take care of the ones you already have” My Mom would always say.

She was totally right (Moms always are). If you are not taking care of what you currently have, you don’t deserve to have more.

Buying Followers

Is this real? Can you really buy followers? Yes you can.

If you are desperate for that number next to your name to go up, you really can pay to do so. This is a lot like putting very nice wheels on a POS car, just don’t do it.

Be More Active

If you are doing exciting things, it is a great idea to tell people about what you are doing. Often. People are very busy, and tend to only pay attention to whatever is in their face at that moment. If you want people to pay attention to what you are doing, you will have to stay in their face.

Just remember to stay classy about it. Don’t be the bully on the playground. Be the friend who calls every now and then just to see how you are doing.


You don’t have to give away a camera every time you have a contest. You have something of value to offer people, even if it is a phone call. Holding a contest will help people to engage with you. It provides them with a real world incentive for interacting with you.

BTW- We have a contest at Phlearn right now. PLUG.

Make It Easy For People To Follow You

Every time someone has to work to do something, the chances of them actually doing it go down. If someone may want to follow you, but you have not provided an easy way for them to do so, you are losing out.

Adding buttons and links to all your content will help people to follow you if they feel so inclined. Don’t forget your email signature.

Every person you interact with is a potential relationship. We have all heard the saying “Its not what you know, its who you know.”

Release Exclusive Content

If people think they can get your content everywhere, they are not going to have an incentive to follow you. Make them feel like they will be rewarded when they follow your Facebook Fan Page

For instance, when you sign up for our newsletter at Phlearn, you receive content not available anywhere else. Things like videos, Photoshop brushes, actions, articles and more.

Be Real

It is ok to post promotions every now and then, but no one is going to connect with you that way. Think about celebrity gossip. No one really cares about what movies people have been in. They care a lot more about a girl gaining 20lbs. Real. Personal.

What have you learned?

Have you noticed something that works for you? Share it with the Phamily, and we will all grow together!

  • Melanie Hernandez

    loved the “release a sex tape” hahaha your silly

  • Justin Quinton

    Sex tape FTW!  …or sadly,  shoot and share lots of hot women. 

  • Vitaliy Piltser

    hey hey, you be nice to Kevin Nealon! =)

  • Aaron Nace

    I actually really like Kevin :)

  • Chris Deutscher

    I’ve released my sex tape, and in the last 2 hours I’ve gained 3 followers.  All dudes.  What did I do wrong? ;)

    Aaron, these social media episodes are really interesting.  One thing that I think is super important in addition to everything you said is this…

    I’d rather have 100 twitter followers that I can interact with on a regular basis, than 50K who don’t know me from a hole in the ground.

    You have like 4000 followers and I think you do a great job of interacting with all of them!  (Unless you bought 4000 robots…in which case…shame ;)

    I love using twitter to talk about photography, goofy random thoughts, and lately, seeking feedback.  I love to post photos in progress and see what people think! It’s such an awesome platform for that!

    Keep it up man! Awesome episodes this week!

    PS. Tomorrow (Dec 30) is my birthday, and, inspired by you, I’m using my time to give back to the community! So excited for it!

  • Sebastian Ortiz

    Sex tape on the way!!! .. Oh and get used to the cheek biting, gets worse as you get older….I bite on mine about every other month…. Shit, did it again!!!! Sonuvabiiiiiiiitch, that hurt!!!!!

  • Jay

    The best way to email someone important is to call them :)

  • Sebastian Ortiz

    Right ON!

  • mel

    you have opened the world of twitter for me. In hours i have found some awesome resources. I could never “get” twitter and why anyone would want to use it but I have now checked it out and I understand…. a little. I havent posted yet but I am following! a cuple of great ideas here too. for me linking facebook on my email signature and exclusive content ideas. thanks heaps :)

  • Jay

    I do think there are some great point here, but in Marketing, the biggest mistake is to think everyone thinks like you.  You have to be careful to segment who follows, why, when you get a particular group and understand them, then the message, approach, etc will and should vary.  Also, not all social marketing is about education.  Sometimes the value is just seeing what happens w/ friends and sometimes the only purpose is to brand (maybe not even try to sell).  Social marketing is in such an infancy and the landscape is changing as well as the demographics…I’m always amazed what people come up with to exploit the social marketing aspects that are available.  

  • Todd Douglas

    Poor Kevin Nealon.  He probably cried himself to sleep tonight… on his mattress filled with money.

  • 23X

    I got on twitter a while back, and it was confusing. I didn’t want it to be another Facebook, so I have NEVER told anyone I know personally what my twitter name is. So, in a year and a half or so, I have scooped in 17 followers! Bazinga! 

    Anyway, I’ve now learned the value in twitter, but my problem is, my twitter is just full of random thoughts. As clever as they all are, I’m not sure if I should delete them all and start over. I used the word “pube” in a tweet, so when I realized Brooke Shaden began to follow me, I nearly passed out. It was too late to delete that, so whatever. I don’t want to delete anything (well, maybe a few). I would like to be more professional and use it to grow as an artist. I have the “be real” part down though.


  • Andrea Peipe

    I have a twitter and a facebook group and I find it easier to share on twitter so I get more followers there. I guess I have to start sharing on my facebook group more to get more active followers…

  • Brandi Sheree Eszlinger

    I just started own facebook page. Thanks for the great tips! Really helps out! :)

  • Jeni

    I have a funny twitter story about scott bourne.  He was ranting about photographers who don’t charge a lot and how they are undermining the “professionals”.  I said “maybe they are just starting out and don’t know what to charge”.  I wasn’t starting an argument, I wasn’t saying he was wrong, I was just playing “devils advocate”.  He had this huge argument going on twitter about “$500 wedding photographers”. It was actually a good debate among a lot of people.  He then proceeded to block anyone who disagreed with him. When I asked him about blocking people he said “I am blocking fools who think $500 wedding photography is a good idea & who don’t get the obvious point that u get what u pay 4.”  Then he blocked me, even though I didn’t disagree with him… lol  I was a huge fan of his and had mad respect for him and his work…until that moment.

  • jamierae

    Hahaha I love the ending!   Thanks for demystifying the elusive world of social networking in a humorous way.

  • Richard

    Good tips love it thanks for sharing.

  • joana

    so nice and prestigious story keep it up

  • 2907

    Very good article. The content is short and understandable. This tips are nice but you should try also with some websites that offers free followers like or some other, there so many.

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