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Adam Elmakias – Amazing Band Photographer

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Jan 28

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How to be a band photographer

Adam Elmakias has been shooting bands for years and is the go to source for people trying to get into the market.

In this interview we talk about the best, the worst, and some great stories from the road.
We also learn something amazing about Adam.

Adam Elmakias

  • Eugenio Ojeda

    Awesome photos of awesome bands! Cool dude

  • Colin Bridge

    Haha that was funny. Rough life you guys have over at Phlearn. Loved the Apple pipe on the food table, lol.

  • Sebastian Ortiz

    So he suffers from E.D.D.? … WOW… that’s a terrible disease, unless you’re a chick, I guess… LMAO ! … 

    Speakin’ of chicks, (((((( Amelia??))))) , Yeah, You… I noticed you’re playin’ it safe, by sittin’ there, lookin’ all calm… HAHAAAAA… I think you need to get a lil’ crazy for the camera… goofy works for Aaron, I’m sure it’ll work for you too… Hee!! Awesome Job guys… like the fact that you posted the interview on Saturday…. good day to post interviews! 


  • Angela Butler

    hahahah that was too funny! 

  • Eric Burgers

    Cool surprise episode :-) . Guess what – I was actually doing a photoshoot this weekend for a band! Talk about coincidence!

  • Aaron Nace

    Everything you see belongs to the bands, we have no part in that.

  • Matt@phrozenphoto

    Nice.  Adam’s been a big influence for me as a fellow band photographer.  Good to hear him talking about it as well.  My band stuff here:

  • Dave

    Iphone + Vimeo = :(

  • Daniel James T. Cook

    Hey Dave, Vimeo is built to be compatible with iPhone. Which iPhone do you have and what ios version?

  • Sean Webb

    Interesting. It would have been more so if I could have heard Adam. :)

  • Michael Nightmare

    I started out doing band photography it was awesome to see all the bands I liked to play for free every weekend but then I started to have to do with record labels and bands that showed up late or had no idea what was going on once I started to get into more than just the live shots end and decided that was not for me. 

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