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The Best New Ways to Add Blur

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Apr 17

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New Blur Effects

Today is all about the new blur effects in CS6. This is the thing I am MOST excited about since you can now have much more control over faking depth of field without purchasing a plugin. There are 3 different effects to choose from- Iris, Field, and Tilt Shift.  These are much more helpful than masking in blurs since they render much more realistically using bokeh and other options.

See which filters work best with which types of images, we’ll be working with a portrait and  landscape.


  • 1:50- Getting started with iris blur
  • 2:30- The importance of focal point
  • 4:00- Before and after
  • 4:50- Field Blur
  • 7:15- Before and after
  • 7:30- Seeing what our blur mask looks like
  • 8:10- Adding grain to only the blurred areas to make it realistic
  • 9:20- Working with a landscape image
  • 10:05- Tilt Shift blur
  • 12:00- Bokeh option

Creating Focal Point

Using blur can help draw the viewer’s attention to certain areas. Usually your eye goes to the sharpest things in a photo and by using the pinpoint areas you can choose exactly where you want those focal points to be.

  • Ian Norris

    The landscape shot looks like Oklahoma City?

  • Mili Walker Photography

    Cannot wait to own this new Photoshop!

  • Richard Sisk

    Useful Tutorial thanks!!!!!

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Random Tips

One way to figure out the lighting in a photo besides looking at the direction of the shadows, is to look into the eyes and particularly the catch lights in the eyes can help you figure out the type of light used by its shape in the eye as well as the directions it was lit