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What am I promoting?
The best photography & Photoshop tutorials on the internet. Our in-depth Phlearn PRO Tutorials cover innovative Photoshop techniques from start to finish and have garnered extremely positive reviews from our community of photographers. Since their introduction in 2011, we have sold over 20,000 tutorials. Our PRO Texture & Action packs are also available for you to earn commission on.
Our Tutorials
We've already created over 30 different tutorials and are always cooking up something new, making it easy for you to supply your audience with fresh and exciting content.
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What is it like to be an affiliate?
Great. But don't take our word for it, sign up.
What do I get as an affiliate?
  • For each purchase made by a customer referred by you, you will receive a 20% commission of the total sale.
  • There is no limit to the amount of Phlearn PRO Tutorials, Action Packs, and Texture Packs you can sell, so you are able to earn as much as you'd like.
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Different Ways To Promote
  • Write a blog post about us or reviewing our tutorials.
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  • Email us about setting up a contest with your readers for a free Phlearn PRO.
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Who is Eligible?
Chances are, you are.


Want to make a little extra cash? Just share Phlearn with your classmates! Why pirate the videos to them when you can make money off them! Get some extra spending money for that reflector you need.
  • Post a link on a discussion board
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Affiliate Guidelines

Anyone can apply to become an affiliate. Our guidelines and rules are as follows:
  • Only use ethical marketing methods to promote Phlearn. We will NOT tolerate anyone promoting our products via unsolicited e-mail marketing or spam.
  • Do not promote Phlearn via sites that contain offensive content.
  • Do not use their affiliate links for their own Phlearn purchases.
  • We reserve the right to deny anyone an affiliate partnership.

How do I get paid?

Your commissions will be deposited into your PayPal account on the 8th of every month. Your sales from the entire month of July would be deposited on August 8th, and so on.

Earn More

High traffic volume affiliates are eligible for up to 35% commission. If you feel you can generate high traffic, please contact us.
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This all sounds great! Where do I sign up?
We are glad you asked! Signing up is as easy as clicking the nice blue button to the right and following a couple of steps on (Our shopping Cart).

After signing up, you will be given a custom link. This link is the key to the affiliate program. Any time you mention Phlearn, use this link. If someone makes a purchase within 60 days, you get paid.