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All About the Hair-Part 2

Apr 02

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Taking Care of the Strays

In yesterday’s episode I covered my workflow with skin, and today we’ll move on to the hair. We had an amazing hairstylist for this shoot, and so all we need to fix are the strands that fell out of place and brighten up a few spots. The best way I’ve found to do this is with the clone stamp tool and adding some variation with the brush tool.

Open to Suggestion

If there’s a technique you would like to see or have suggestions on what can be edited with this image please post a comment in the box below! These techniques are the best ways I’ve found to retouch portraits, but if you have different ways of doing it let us know


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  • Yamaha83
  • Ruben Chase
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  • michaelbs

    Hi Aron. I would love to see you remove the “lump” of hair sticking out from her neck. Not single hairs but the cluster of hair ( I don’t know what to call it but I’m sure you understand. 

  • Balint Alovits

    Hi Aron! 

    Another thing. What books/albums do you have in the background? And what other books/albums you have?


  • Michael Nightmare

    Good episode, something I never thought about doing. 

  • Sebastian Ortiz

    Great episode…. Learned some excellent tricks for working with hair! Thanks Aaron!

  • Instant Hunter

    So great what you have done to this community!

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