Nov 08, 2012

Photo Battle: A Tale of Two Portraits

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After watching today’s episode, let us know who you think wins the photo battle. Vote below and be sure to leave a comment as to why you voted the way you did. Your insight could really help someone.


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  • Macxs Oppici

    I really like both of them, but I vote Marios mainly because the hair in Franz photo really annoying me. If i could see the eyes looking away probably i would have voted Franz.

  • Mangusl

    I like Marios picture better because it dosen’t feel so tight, The negative space gives it air.
    What else that attracts me is the model and her pose and the low camera angel.
    The camera angel also make the model taller and gives her more attitude.

  • Daniel Flores

    Me gusta mas la de Franz porque la veo menos saturada y con un mood mas fashion

    I like Franz’s de most because is less saturated and it has a more fashion look adding the hair style

  • Andreas Tziakouris

    I liked Mario’s picture more. It was the first thing that caught my eye on the page. I also think that the colours in the picture mix better than the other one. If i was to pick one to decorate my house with, that would be the one i would like to see everyday.

  • Tom Simone

    I was drawn more to Franz’s because of the more unusual pose. When I’m looking at images it is the ones that are somehow a bit different that catch my eye, and that was the case here. Both are great though.

  • AngeloDau

    The franz’s photo is better for me, only one thing don’t sounds so good, the hair on the eye..

  • Marios Tziortzis

    So great to be a part of a Phlearn Battle. Thanks Aaron for the comments and feedback! Also thanks everyone who posted their feedback. This is exactly what the phamily is about! To learn! Francois, great photo man! Let the battle begin! :) PS: I edited this photo using techniques that I’ve learned from Phlearn, so yeah, thanks Aaron :)

    • François Vendiol

      As you said Mario, this is exacltly what the Phamily is supposed to be, “sharing and learning”. I would like to add that most of the techniques used in this portraiture come from Phlearn, both PRO and daily tutorials.
      Feedback helps a lot when it comes about pro and cons of your final work.
      A big thank to everyone !

  • Josh Z. Paur

    I voted for Franz. I liked the outfit, the hair, the pose, the lighting, everything seems like it was thought out.

    Marios photo isn’t bad. I like the background, but between the two, Franz seems like it took more effort.

  • Isaiah Vaba

    I voted for Franz. I liked the outfit, the hair, the pose, the lighting, everything seems like it was thought out.

    Marios photo isn’t bad. I like the background, but between the two, Franz seems like it took more effort.

  • Peter Hernandez

    I voted for Marios because I can engage the model more. The other image is to pretentious to me.

  • Braxton Klavins

    This one is hard for me, Both of them I really like but both of them have some things that I do like.
    This is what I personally thought of the photos.

    What I like:
    I actually do like the pose. This is of course always personnel preference but I I do like it.
    I really love the lighting of this photo.
    I like her hair.
    What “I” would change:
    I wish that I could see her eye better.

    What I like:
    The pose
    The laid back feel of this photo. I really do like it.
    The blue back/color tone of this whole photo.
    the lighting. on her.
    What “I” would change:
    When I first saw the photo, The first thing I noticed was the composition. To me, I do not like it that much. I know it follows the rule of thirds, but to me, she does not catch my eye. The negative space of blue does.
    I have to go with my very first feelings when I opened the photos, and I am going with Also, I wish her eyes were a little bit more open, she looks like she is going to fall asleep. maybe just her left eye a bit.

    I am going to have to go with my very first pick right when I saw both photos and that was Franz, The reason was because I really liked your photo when I first opened it and with Marios, I first noticed the negative space and did not like that.

    But they are great photos, they have both inspired me in different ways I want to take some of my photos.

  • François Vendiol

    I’ve been learning for a few weeks with Phlearn.
    My image has been choosen, oh, i’ll just sit there and listen, i think this is going to be one of my best lesson ever !
    Thank you Aaron, and thanx for those who will comment and help Mario and I improving our skills.

  • Marc Ayres

    I’m actually not voting for my favourite image haha. Franz’s image is my favourite for many reasons, the detail, light (even with falloff) the texture, pose even though somewhat awkward. But the bit that I find lets it down is the hair going over her eyes. Yes it follows the eye lashes to a certain extent but I still want to reach in a move it lol. Mario’s image has great pose and editorial space although that can be added to Franz’s image. I find the shadows on Mario’s a bit to strong esp under her chin but the look from the model has attitude an defo engages the viewer. Two great shots but today I’ve voted for Mario :)

  • Andres Chaves

    I love the attitude on Franz photo, she looks to me like, and independent woman, who doesn’t really care what people say. but on Marios photo, I love the rule of thirds, the colors, the shadows, the styling, don’t love the background as much. Im pretty sold on both of them, but if I have to choose one it would be Marios photograph.

  • Bryan Dockett

    Good jobs both of you.

    I’m voting for Marios photos. 1. I love the toning. Its has a great film feel. 2. It feels like it telling more of a story 3. i’m not a fan of profile shoots.
    Also a flash was used on Marios pic. So very well done.

    Good jobs both of you.