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Phlearn’s Photo Battle: Lost in a Field of Beauty

Category: Battle, Inspiration, Video
Nov 15

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All of these images for the photo battle are great, and choosing the winner is going to very tough. Be sure to vote below, and leave a comment stating why you voted the way you did!

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Battle Guidelines:

How to Enter
If you would like one of your images battled against another, just post it to the Flickr Phlearn Group and tag it with PhlearnBattle. Your image is now available to battle!

Click Here to View Battle Entries

The battle is nothing without you, so be sure to enter your vote and tell us WHY!

By submitting images, you give Phlearn LLC the right to digitally alter your image and display on, and use your image and any resulting derivatives to promote We reserve the right to change the rules whenever we want.
  • Pete Glogiewicz

    My vote went to Seth. I think its a great image, he’s done really well not to loose too much detail and it feels a really light and airy image and the composition really works for me. Of the three images this one really jumps out and grabs my attention.

  • simonnickel

    I voted for Shelby because I like the color and motion in the picture. I think Seth image is really close but the motion adds the last bit for my decision.

  • Tracy

    I vote for Seth. I think the high key efffect makes it magical, her skin tone is beautiful and the grass frames the image nicely.

  • Mike

    I voted for Thomas’s image. I like the voyeuristic quality it has. I do wish I could see just a little bit more of the model’s face. Just an eye, at least. But otherwise I like the composition. I would have voted Shelby but the model’s expression is just too distracting for me—it looks slightly affected, especially given the setting.

  • Charlotte-Victoria

    I chose Seth because for me, it’s really the only photograph that looks professional and I could imagine in a magazine. The lighting in fantastic, the pose is fantastic the model is fantastic, the only thing I dislike is the outfit, but its not a fashion shot anyway so does that really matter?

  • Kezia

    I voted for Seth because I like the different ‘feels/textures’ within the image. The soft warm light is balanced nicely with the detail of the grass, and its crunchy chaos balanced off the sleekness of her hair.

  • Gerardine

    I like Shelby’s tones, the model’s expression and gesture, the movement, and the beautiful field of flowers. It’s also a nice balance of reality and romance. . .not overly romantic.

  • Sarah Allegra

    While I really like all three photos, Shelby’s wins for me. I love the colors, the movement of her hair is interesting, but her expression and body language really draw me in. I want to go help her. Good job to everyone!

  • Shelby Rae Robinson

    Oh thank you all so much! This is such an honor. I am such a fan and all the help you do for everyone is truly wonderful.

    My image – everything is real. The flowers in my arms and the blur in the front. I expanded the shot and the grass was higher in that area – created a nice frame :)

    And you totally got what I wanted to portray in my image – being lost and wanted someone to come save me ;) I loved it!

    You are all awesome and I am so thankful!

  • remzter

    It is hard to choose between Shelby and Seth for me. The high key image is very pleasing to watch but I like the mysterious mood of Shelby’s photo better.

  • Dan McGill

    I voted for Seth with Shelby a close second. Focus was the common theme in the three images. I thought that the colors and blur in Thomas’ image was distracting. Especially along the right side. I loved the colors and composition in Shelby’s image, but the blur in the foreground I found to be distracting. My first thought was that it was over processed (even though she said it was out of camera, and I have no reason to doubt that). Still, it was distracting to me. Seth’s colors, focus & composition won it for me. The color and specular on her lips is very nice! Everything in the image pulled me to her face. Well done, Seth!

  • Thomas Cole Simmonds

    Thank you for including my image in this weeks battle Aaron and co! Huge honour to be involved! The texture you noticed was actually just dirt from my camera and scratches on the film, that’s what you get with 2nd hand analogue cameras I guess haha. :D

  • Serge Neri

    You’d be a fool to doubt that I think Thomas’ is the best.

  • Dan Heller

    I voted for Shelby. I had an immediate emotional connection with this photo. The overall mood, colors and lighting are great. I don’t exactly love that the figure is smack dab in the middle, but I can see why the artist may have done that here. Excellent image!

  • Lawrence Smith

    Shelly it seems to tell a story without sayin anything sorta leavin the view to imagine……where as the other two shot are like super artistic snapshots,just my opinion.

  • John Hill

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t think there is any right or wrong response. I connect with Shelby! To me it feels and looks natural. Seth (Blond) to looks to set up and contrived. I keep wondering where the light is coming from that is filling in the shadow side and just a little to strong. Thomas (Pink) make me feel a little uncomfortable. I get the notion that I am spying on her through the brush and it is emphasized more because her head is turned away from my view. I feel a bit of disconnect.

  • Michael Nightmare

    As stated these are great photographs but for me Shelby’s just stood out more to my style and liking in a photograph. I love the use of motion in the hair and her looking at from the camera out and off the frame. It makes you wonder what is happening and what she is looking at. with the hair I feel like it creats a sense of urgancy that something is about to happen.

  • Seth DuBois

    This is awesome! Thanks for the votes, critiques, and comments everyone! I had a couple e-mails asking about the steps that went in to this so I figured I’d give a quick outline.

    This was all natural light and I used the gold side of a 5-in-1 reflector to give some fill light and tone. I exposed a little brighter than I normally would and just watched to make sure there was no clipping in the red channel of my RGB histogram. In processing most of the tone was from some slight curves adjustments, and fill layers of a light yellow color in varying blend modes and opacities (soft light, lightness primarily). Originally the background was pretty dark even with the brighter exposure, so I used some glow/flare to balance it out. For this I actually use a part of Phearns “Light Yellow Glow” action which I downloaded here! Out of all the techniques I’ve tried to create some sun flare/glow, the outcome from this action is one of my favorites – so thanks Aaron and the Phlearn team for making this available!

  • Brandon Harvey

    The light and mood of Seth did it for me!

  • Stephane

    While I was hesitating between Seth and Shelby’s images, I went for Seth’s. This decision as the logic of the flowing hair with straight standing flowers on Shelby’s photo did not seem right.

  • Stephane

    While I was hesitating between Seth and Shelby’s images, I went for Seth’s. This decision as the logic of the flowing hair with straight standing flowers on Shelby’s photo did not seem right.

  • Stephane

    While I was hesitating between Seth and Shelby’s images, I went for Seth’s. This decision as the logic of the flowing hair with straight standing flowers on Shelby’s photo did not seem right.

  • Tsaqib Al-Hasawi

    I vote for shelby is beacause it is in square format and I love square format. Lol

  • Carrie Tucci

    These images are all awesome. Congratulations to all three participants. I voted for Shelby because: I love redheads, square format, the movement in her hair, the space around her.

  • David J. Crewe

    While all three images are pretty fantastic, I found that Shelby’s image felt almost illustrated and far more dramatic & romantic feel. The mix of yellow, red, and faded greens just drew my eyes dead center to the subject. The eyes i felt need a little tweaking but overall a stunning image!

  • Keith Robins

    Shelby tells more of a story that the ohter two. I’m a fim maker at heart, which is why I like the lighting, but I’m loving this digital image malarkey via Photoshop. However I do like the soft focus and lighting of the blonde.

  • Elaine Döpkens

    I prefer Shelby’s photo, as it fits perfectly to this season and mirrors the beautiful colors that swirl around my mind these days. Also, compared to the others it tells more a story what I myself like a lot. It has more to conceptual art to it than a simple portrait.

  • Johnny Viscidous Cancrena

    the 3 photos are beautiful. I love the softness of the colors in shelby’s. seth’s photo is not so interesting to me because it’s like i’ve already seen it a lot of times. i voted for thomas. i find his image a lot more interesting because of the contrast of the colors, the fact it seems i’m spying her hidden behind flowers and the mystery given by the fact that i can’t see her face, but stil i can say she’s beautiful

  • Braxton Klavins

    Three now….

    This is just to hard to vote, way to hard. The way I know I really like a photo is if it catches my eye for more than one second. And if it does, I like to look at it longer and see what is going on in the photo. So for me, Shelby’s and Seth’s photo really caught my attention.
    Thomas, here is the reason why your photo did not catch my attention. The two pink flowers would have been fine as not to distract me if she was sharper or if she had a little more contrast. Since this was not so, My eyes kept going to the pink flowers.

    Now for Shelby’s and Seth’s photo, this one is hard for me. I really love the feel and overall color for both photos. They are both edited great. Like Aaron said, I like how these photos make me want to be there.

    Now this vote is because this is really the type of photography that I researching/trying to do.
    My vote goes to Seth because I, at the moment really like shots that are tighter on the model.
    but I still like yours Shelby!

  • Kārlis Briedis

    This week was easy to choose Seths photography, couse I love that lightness. Also model is awesome but the whole picture mood is so gentle pure and i would even say innocent. If i would have a choise to do something different i wouldn’t . Ok when Aaron pointed out dress i noticed that part but even then it doesn’t bother me :) Great job done Seth!

  • Jandrie Lombard

    All three are great, but I have to choose Seth’s this week. I love the brightness of the image the most. It makes me want to go out and catch some rays myself.

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