Dec 06, 2012

Photo Battle: Studio vs. Location

Photo Battle Entries

For the photo battle be sure to vote below, and leave a comment stating why you voted the way you did!

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  • Douglas D Blissard

    Both are excellent shots and it is a difficult decision. However, location shot has more structure and story going for it. I like the composition and how the window lighting is reflected off the wall. The bathtub and sink add to the structure giving the eye something more to explore again adding to the story The studio shot is excellent in it’s simplicity and the subjects expression is reinforced by the simplicity. An effective simple shot is hard to do and this one is well crafted and executed.

  • Pezi Be

    I am a big fan of interesting locations! and this bathroom definitely is interesting! I think the right background adds a lot to a photo, gives it a special atmosphere…

  • Anthony Ryan Tripoli

    I would have to cast my vote for location. I am a sucker for most anything location oriented. While I think that studio work can be phenomenal, I love the challenges that location shooting presents.

  • Carrie Tucci

    My first impression is to be drawn toward the on-location shoot. The location is very nice, the lighting is beautiful, there is a scene to think about. But in looking at the two, I love the more up-close portrait. I love to see the details in her skin and the expression on her face. Very hard to pick a favorite.

  • Benjamin D Brooks

    I voted for location because having some sort of set design helps a better story telling scene and usually gives the composition more depth. I agree with Aaron on the possible stories within the studio shot but I could only vote for one. Location.

  • Anders Teibel

    Def location. There is a story there, so it gives the image some extra appeal.

  • andrewbharris

    I think that in order to be a good location shooter you should master the studio and then bring it to location shooting. I think it would make your images that much better.

  • Sarah Allegra

    Location wins all the way with me. To me, it’s just a more visually interesting image, and I adore the soft light and color palate. It gives me more of an impression of a story in the works.

  • D'Heirus Lollis

    I chose the studio shot because it’s far more interesting, even though we don’t know what the model is looking at she is committed to the look and appears to be genuinely intrigued. I do feel as if the chair in the background is slightly distracting however. The bathroom shot is beautiful especially as far as the lighting and pose but I’m left wondering why. The pose says the model is looking in the mirror but her back is to it… why is that? The hole in the wall under the sink caught my eye too and immediately made the photo feel “staged”. I feel almost as if the photo would be just as stunning without the model in it.

  • WoodyLo

    I voted Location because the model doesn’t make the whole picture. However, if I only look at the model, the one in studio is way more expressive. But studio is less interesting as you say Aaron, the background is not as nice as on location :)

  • Tim Shahady

    I think for me the reason I prefer the location shoot is the story. I might actually prefer the lighting in the studio shot, but there is something compelling about the pose and emotion of the location.

  • Ryan Cooper

    Between these two images the location one is much better executed. While the lighting in the studio is fairly strong gI find the style, expression, and pose to be very boring. Also the chair in the bottom right hand corner it just a distraction and makes the whole photo weaker.

    Comparatively, the location shot has great expression, fashion, lighting, tone and tells a story.

    • Ryan Cooper

      I love them both for entirely different reasons. Like you said location is more exciting but what I love about studio is that it gives this feeling of intimacy with the subject. On location I have to focus on all sorts of things such as ambient lighting, background composition, depth of field, timing, weather, etc etc which makes it very interesting but in studio my focus is 100% on my subject, I get a chance to really explore their personality and capture it in the frame.

  • Jenna Petrone

    There’s advantages to both the studio and on-location. If you want more control over your lighting, you want everything absolutely perfect, and you don’t have to rely on weather, studio is the way to go. But if you are adventurous and prefer shooting in environments, wether it’s indoor or outside, on-location is the way to go. I personally prefer on-location because I now do work that is mostly done in camera.