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Behind the Scenes Shoot With Phlearn: Man Cave

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Apr 01

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Behind The Scenes Concept

Since the dawn of time the man cave has been revered as a place of masculinity and strength. Our goal was to bring this subject out from the depths and get to what man caves are really made of.


The lighting for this shoot had to be extremely specific and thought out. This was no ordinary shoot, and no ordinary light setup would do.

We start off with a parabolic reflector camera right behind the subject to bring in maximum rim lighting and really accentuate the shape of the cave. Next we added a beauty dish camera right behind the models. The light falloff from a beauty dish really is amazing, you get the quality of a hard light source but with somewhat soft shadows as well. An amazing light when you really want to make your subject stand out. Next we added a hair light on an 8ft boom to the mix to bring out the finer details on the top of the cave entrance. Next we added another hair light pointing straight up. This light is straight up cool yo. We then pulled in a key light using an 11″ long throw reflector camera right to really carve out the shadows and highlights.

For maximum effect in this shot we used the stand-on-stand technique. Mastered centuries ago in ancient China, this technique is only used when you really need it. It may look a bit confusing, but the results don’t lie. Beautiful man caves every time.

  • Aaron Lee Kafton


  • Fredrik

    This was one of the worst april fools-jokes I’ve ever seen. It’s not fun at all.. Phlearn really hit an all time low this time. You could have done so much better! I even stoped watching the video half way because it was so bad.

  • Bryan Dockett

    lol you guys are nuts

  • Jesse Gross

    Happy April Fools to you too. What is that crusty thing in the first “Man Cave”? Cereal?

  • Jerry Eberly

    Haha I am somewhat embarrassed about how long it took me to catch on to the fact that this was a joke. Very good stuff.

  • Angela Butler ♔

    HAHHHAH whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

    you guys

  • awerllow

    Happy Aphril Phools Day!

  • Pablo Rodriguez

    How the ******** did you keep a straight face!!!!
    This deserves an Oscar :)

  • Rob Woodcox

    I love you guys… lol. I’m a bit disturbed at the same time!

  • arrowlili

    PMSL!!! I almost wasn’t gonna watch this cause the man caves looked so nasty (sorry!) but I’m so glad I did… Too funny and nice to see you guys taking the micky out of yourselves like that… 3 days rigorous training was just not enough!

  • arrowlili

    You know what’s even funnier than watching this…. Playing it for your 12 yr old daughter and watching her expression as she watches it!!!

  • Plamen Yankov

    good one :)

  • Timmi Klügel

    LOVE the way you do the poses Aaron :) :)

  • claude laramee

    Not too appealing … But you can sell ice to eskimos !

  • Joyce Vincent

    Haha, fantastic. I didn’t even catch on to the fact that this had anything to do with April Fool’s. I just thought it was more Phlearn hilarity and awesomeness. Nicely done.

  • Eddie Sebastian

    AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAA!! Fantastically funny!!! Loved every minute of it!

  • Aaron Luciddreama

    The properly made me feel quite queasy! Eww… Lol the mustard was just wrong! :)

  • Braxton Klavins

    I was wondering what the stand on stand was for XD

  • Sam Andrastek

    You’re an idiot.

  • Fredrik

    You are an idiot?

  • Merrit Olson

    Ha ha! Excellent spoof!

  • Guillaume Albert

    Best behinfd the Scenes yet !

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