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Blow Steam Out Of Your Ears With Layer Blending Modes

Category: Photoshop, Styling
Aug 05

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Blow Steam Out Of Your Ears With Layer Blending Modes

Using smoke, fog, and steam can be a fun and easy way to add a special interest to a photo. You can do this by photographing smoke and using blending modes to transport it onto another photo.

If you don’t have your own photos of smoke, make sure to check out our Pro Smoke & Fog Texture Pack.

Changing Skin Tone To Match Emotion

In addition to adding steam to this image, we’re also going to slightly change his skin tone. Since we want him to look angry, we want him to look more reddish instead of the magenta hue that he is now. This will make him look even more infuriated and less asphyxiated.

Final Image

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Random Tips

You can quickly see the color of the Split toning in Lightroom by holding down alt or option and click the HUE you want to see.