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Behind the Scenes: Starved Rock

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Jun 18

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On Location

Today’s episode is brought to you from the woods of Starved Rock, Illinois with Dean Bradshaw and myself. It’s an incredible location and we had a great day shooting out there.

Google maps is great for finding cool spots wherever you live!

Challenge Yourself

Sometimes the best thing you can do to help your photography is to get away from what you know and push yourself to try out new techniques that you aren’t comfortable with. I’ve spent a lot of time at the computer or in the studio playing with camera settings and tools in photoshop and this was a great chance to get out and try something completely different.

We used artificial light with the landscape to try a unique take on a process that has been around ever since the beginnings of photography. The environment and views of this place was amazing.

Music- Tide Caught Fire by Sam Luna

Video- shot and edited by John White

  • eduardo

    The pic came out awesome! And nice music man! BTW You guys should consider using different colors (red and green maybe) on the thumb up/thumb down icons… this is just a suggestion coming from someone who has click the wrong icon more than he would dare to admit :P  

  • Brushpower

    Just bought the song!

  • Mbenford

    Aaron – I would love to see more images and details about your use of artificial lighting and your approach to retouching the landscapes from this shoot in a future PHLEARN episode. Any chance you wil be sharing more of this project??  thanks for all you do for this community.

  • Angela Butler ♔

    John White, I know you’re reading this from somewhere… GREAT job on the video man, you really have some skills. Looks great, I love how you compiled all of the shots. :)

  • Jaakko Paarvala

    I didn’t notice that inspirational photographers section under resources, great addition!

  • Ben Leavitt

     I second that! John White, I wish you lived in Washington so I could hire you!

  • Angela Butler ♔

    We’re in Chicago, Illinois, friend :)

  • Zach Dalzell

    I live right by there, will definitely be taking a trip back there soon.

  • John White

    You guys are awesome, thanks for the kind words :D  Phlearn on!  Only more to come :)

  • Minhquang28285

    sorry but can I ask what brand of camera bag that Dean was carrying ? :)

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