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Photo Contest: Get Close to Your Subject

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Mar 25

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This Week’s Photo Contest

The theme of this week’s photo contest is close up. You can use a macro lens such as the Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro or a wide angle lens like Nikon’s 14-24mm f/2.8. (both Nikon and Canon manufacture their own macro and wide angle lenses.)

It doesn’t matter if your subject is a person, a pet or an object; just as long as you get really close to whatever it is you’re shooting! Submit your best close up images before April 1st for the chance to win a free Phlearn PRO Tutorial.

Low Key Photo Contest Winners

Last week we had so many amazing entries, we could only narrow it down to ten! The Phamily really blew us away with top-notch images. Winners, make sure to contact us to receive your free Phlearn PRO Tutorial.

Sebastian Saytr

Harts Ortiz

Tina DiCocco Pelech

Juan Carlos Salgado

Sara Collaton


Claude Lee Sadik

Giovanna Griffo


Jason Vinson

Make sure to become part of the Phlearn Family on Facebook, conversate with us on Twitter, and #hashtag your Phlearn inspirations on Instagram. We want to know what the Phlearn community social chatter is about, and who is sharing it. You all keep us motivated to do our best.

Contest Guidelines:

How to Enter
Simply add your image to a comment below. Please only submit one image each week. You're submitting images to be edited, so don't do too much Photoshop beforehand. We want to teach not just how, but why edits are being made.

How to Win
The person who best exemplifies the contest theme will be the winner. If two entries are close, the amount of likes, comments, and a great description will be the deciding factor. Winners are chosen by the Phlearn team.

By submitting images, you give Phlearn LLC the right to digitally alter your image and display on, and use your image and any resulting derivatives to promote We reserve the right to change the rules whenever we want.

Be sure to tell your friends you entered a contest on Phlearn. Use this convenient tweet button!
  • Mathieu Genest

    Do you want play with me?

  • Alain Delannoye

    Love the lighting and didn’t even notice the detail, you know what I mean :-) . Great portrait on its own. Love this!

  • Alain Delannoye

    My humble submission … Took this self portrait just a week or 2 ago. When I first saw it on screen it hit me and absolutely reflected how I felt at the time. Don’t know if it comes across, but liked it so much I had it printed on poster size, framed it and put it up in my appartment. Proud of myself!

  • Guest


  • Mehmet Turan

    Thirsty Wasps
    Greetings from Istanbul.

  • Rajendra

    Here is my entry – hope you like it !

  • Rajendra

    Here is my entry- might be duplicate due to technical problems uploading !

  • Guest


  • palash bose

    close up my beautiful model

  • Guest

    Shot at 17mm with a Nikon 17-35 f/2.8

  • Drew Kittredge

    Shot at 17mm with a 17-35 f/2.8

  • pursueadventure

    I watch Phlearn every day under this bulb. Thought it would be appropriate for a contest.

  • Dirk Loots

    Here is my entry, a very nervous Sophi

  • Guest

    my submission

  • Markus Bidaux

    sorry won’t let me upload image using Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

  • Guest

    G’day, Here is my entry, A self portrait. Thanks

  • Guest

    Flower Macro

  • Adam Stanley

    My entry, self portrait

  • Peter Faltpihl

    My entry. A portrait of my beloved.

  • Guest
  • Hazem Ragheb

    Here is mine O.o

  • Bogdan Gabriel Trofin


  • Bogdan Gabriel Trofin
  • Guest

    Here’s my photo for the contest ;-)

  • François Matheys

    First try on a contest on phlearn.
    Thx for ur work and tutorials btw.!

  • Tymon Aguilar

    Here is my submission! Mmm

  • Paff

    Shot this today. Shot and edited with iphone4. Straight from space, dust in the water looks like stars.

  • Guest


  • rodzyn


  • Remi Salievski

    Probably too late but stil trying to make it. Here is an image I took of Quick style Dance crew

  • Remi Salievski

    Trying again even though I´m a bit late. This is a picture I took of Quick Style dance crew. Used one ringflash and and octabox. 5Dmkii with a 17-40L. Hope you like it.

  • Guest

    My entry – “Droplets in the Shadows” – Thanks!

  • Guest
  • Guest
  • Guest
  • Guest
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