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Contest: MALES

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Apr 15

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Contest: Males

This week’s contest themes is males! Shooting males can be different from shooting females, and it’s a good thing to be able to shoot both well. All you have to do to enter is submit your best image of a male subject in a comment below for the chance to win a free Phlearn PRO Tutorial and Lowepro Event Messenger 100!

Landscape Contest Winners

We’ve been getting more and more awesome contest entries, and this week was no exception. Adam Bender, Carlos Muñoz, Carlos Muñoz, Gergo Kazsimer, Güçlü-Kaplan, Shane Black, Tauriq Dolley, Thomas Schorn, Michael Woloszynowicz, and Vickie Blackburn, congratulations! Contact us to recieve your free Phlearn PRO.

Carlos Muñoz

Corbin Hurst

Güçlü Kaplan

Michael Woloszynowicz

Shane Black

Tauriq Dolley

Thomas Schorn



Gergo Kazsimer



Adam Bender



Vickie Blackburn

Contest Guidelines:

How to Enter
Simply add your image to a comment below. Please only submit one image each week. You're submitting images to be edited, so don't do too much Photoshop beforehand. We want to teach not just how, but why edits are being made.

How to Win
The person who best exemplifies the contest theme will be the winner. If two entries are close, the amount of likes, comments, and a great description will be the deciding factor. Winners are chosen by the Phlearn team.

By submitting images, you give Phlearn LLC the right to digitally alter your image and display on, and use your image and any resulting derivatives to promote We reserve the right to change the rules whenever we want.

Be sure to tell your friends you entered a contest on Phlearn. Use this convenient tweet button!
  • Peter Faltpihl

    I worked some more with it actually, I guess it’s too late anyway :) Looking forward to the new contest!

  • Jesus Solana
  • Robert Huber

    May have been late, but that image rocks!

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  • Jacqueline Greer Kent

    I just found this website. I am so excited to see all this creativity. I don’t think I will sleep tonight, my mind is now on overdrive.

  • Oleg Vityuk

    My image for a contest

  • Oleg Vityuk


  • Jacqueline Greer Kent

    this is straight out of the camera, cropped a bit.

  • Guest
  • Guest
  • Guest

    Guinness and rugby are a bit more manly than Drew’s Axe Cop.

  • Guest

    Guinness and rugby are a bit more manly than Drew’s Axe Cop.

  • Travis Zielinski

    Rugby and Guinness is more manly than Axe Cop. Hi Drew!!

  • Guest

    A lot of amazing submitted images. Great category. Fer shizzle. :-)

    The attached image was created for a high school senior. Cliche? Maybe. Either way, it was fun making the image.

  • Seagram Pearce

    This was shot as a pre-lighting setup test before I had a portrait session with the former F1 World Champ Alain Prost. The Alain Prost shot is on my website. But I liked this guy more.

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