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Cracked Skin Made Easy

Category: Photoshop, Styling, Video
Sep 15

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Cracked Skin Made Easy

I feel a bit like Narrator talking to Tyler Durden in Fight Club in this episode when he says” I felt like destroying something beautiful.” This is a special episode dedicated to John who asked if I could make someone have cracked skin. Wish granted. We are combining a photo of a cracked desert with a portrait of a pretty girl together to make it look as though her face is cracking apart. I have some rules when making images like these. First, it is important to start off with a nice looking image. If you do not, you are going to wind up with something totally messed up that no one wants to look at, no matter what kind of photoshop job you did to it. Second, make sure if you are going to pull of a complex concept like this, make the rest of the image simple, so it does not distract from your focal point.

We start off by sizing the texture correctly for the face, and then warping it roughly into shape. We then go into our Liquify tool to sculpt it a bit better and to make it appear as though the texture really is wrapping around her face. From there we make a few copies of the layer and go through multiple blending options to help the cracks look as though they are more a part of her face. We make a copy of the cracks and apply a Bevel and Emboss on it yo help the cracks follow the laws of lightfall.

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  • gemwindowsanddoors

    This article is trully well-written.There are a lot of interesting things to take into consideration. well done!

  • catherine

    Aaron where would i be able to get a free texture crack?

  • Geordie Prior

    Hey I know this is a really old post and I’m not sure if maybe you’ve covered it but I really hope you respond. I was just wondering why you use the liquify filter rather than creating a Distort>>Displace filter. I tried using roughly the same image from google and it seemed to follow the contours of the models face just fine.

    I was just wondering if this was more personal preference because there is more customization or if the distort filter just wouldn;t work the way you wanted.

    Again I apologize if this is covered in a later episode but I’ve been watching Phlearn on YouTube ans I’ve just started to watch them in order on the Phlearn Website.

    BTW Thank You Aaron so much for the tutorials they are amazing!!

  • Jeff Brown

    Aaron. Just watched your photoshop lesson on cracked face. Awesome. I’m doing a painting where I want to transition the skin on the arms from grey to color and make the grey area look like its cracking away to show the color underneath. I need help with a reference photo. Got the photo and some cracks but don’t know how to put it all together.

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