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Sep 13

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Today we are covering Magazine Editing! Drawing inspiration from other photographers is a great way to come up with your own looks and images. Often time fashion magazines serve as a great source for these images. Companies spend a lot of money on the photo shoots for ad campaigns, and with that they get top models, top photographers, production and more. Some of the magazines I suggest are: Vogue (US & International) W Magazine, V Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Interview Magazine. Most of these are available for inexpensive subscriptions. You will see some overlap in the magazines, especially in the ads, but it is probably worth subscribing to a few. For $50/yr, you get a slap in the face every month with fashion images, not bad.

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Question of the Day
Where do you get your inspiration for photography?

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  • Dale Antony Richards

    Most of this has been copy and pasted from my last post from the last video but I mention a lot of my inspiration on there =]

    ‘art’ besides my sculptures I feel has come from a more media based
    lifestyle; I LOVE movies and TV, I would definately say I am influenced
    heavily by what I watch on the screen. Especially a fan of things such
    as Doctor Who but also crime dramas such as Criminal Minds so my
    influence is pretty much around what I can watch because I love seeing
    stories unfold which is why a lot of my work which I have in planning
    but not yet shot all have some form of a story, some are
    autobiographical and some are humourous =]

    I know ‘media’ may not
    be classified as art but I am hugely influenced by it and I find a good
    film a show of good production few influences because of the production
    Ninja Assasin (fake blood was poor though)
    (500) Days of Summer
    Yes Man
    The Truman show
    Bridge to Terebithia
    these are a few I have recently watched that pop to my head =]

    thing that has influenced me into using photoshop as art for my
    concepts is the famous Cottingley Fairies story, I remember hearing this
    story as a kipper and falling in love with the concept because they
    make things so believable and I would love to create an image that I can
    say “Look I have fairies in my garden and you can’t prove this is a
    fake image” xD

    I suppose that is how I have got into admiring photomanipulations as art =]

    Not teh best story but for me it is all that matters =P

    am always finding inspiration everywhere and recently on the internet I
    found this video which is not the sort of video I would normally
    consider inspiration especially as some may argue it’s borderline porn
    so don’t watch this with your Mum =] –
    I love her movement in this and her natural flow it is something that I
    think can be used as a great lingerie shoot! Yep that’s what I consider
    research =P

    Inspiration for me comes from what I see; when I see
    it my brain records it for me and I am always thinking about what I
    like and if I can turn it into an image.

    WALL OF TEXT =D If you have been bored enough to read all of this you’re a beautiful person =P

  • Roman

    Can’t load video. Any ideas why?

  • Gábor Lénárt

    Can’t load the video!:S

  • Anonymous

    this is ridiculous but when you said find the turtle…  i HAD to find a turtle. So i DID!

  • Aaron Nace

    Just re-uploaded the video, it should be working now, thanks for letting me know!

  • Steve

    Where do I get my inspiration for photography?
    There is this photographer, you might have heard of called Aaron Nace? Bonk!

  • Gábor Lénárt

    Thank you! It’s working now!:)

  • Roman

    That grain, noise you see in magazine is made by a printers.

  • Anonymous

    on a more serious note, where do i get inspiration:

    -art galleries
    -websites like 500px and flickr
    -my friends
    -my family
    -songs/music/soundtracks from films
    -interesting books
    -my head!
    and obviously other photographers :)

  • Aaron Nace

    hahah, this is so awesome!

  • Gábor Lénárt

    Help pls! I can’t use the Shift+option+command+i shortcut for some reason and I don’t know why. If I press these keys, I got a window like this:
    I don’t know what to do, but I really want to use this shortcut as you used in the video, cause it would help me a lot! Pls help me if you can!:)

    Ohh, I almost forgot, I get my inspiration:
    From the most inspiring persons in my life, basicly my friends and people who close to me. I get the most inspiration from them. I don’t mean it like ideas or something, it’s more like a mental inspiration. When I think of them, they make me happy and they always support me in everything.
    I like to listen to people, I like to talk with everyone, and their vision is very interesting. I like to know, how other people see the world, and I like to learn from other people and get new informations about things. It’s very inspiring too.
    And of course I get inspiration from the usually stuff too:
    magazines,movie posters,album covers,othet photographers, etc.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not working ;( it says I’m Forbidden!!!

  • Kora Stoll

    “Forbidden”  :(

  • Kora Stoll

    Nevermind.  :)

  • Waseef Akhtar

    Fun episode! Most of my inspiration come from.. Flickr (used to though. I used to view all the images on explore page and that’s what motivated me to produce images, tried everyday so hard to be same like all those cool flickr photographers) and (totally worth checking out if you haven’t already, you always get to find all those pro stuffs in there).. okay, so sometimes songs, and movies too (I mostly get an idea of a shoot from lyrics of a song, or sometimes title of the movie?)

  • guest

    Can you talk about actions for skin retouching?  I’ve seen them for sale on the internet but don’t know if they work/how to use them. 

    Also how do you know how close you can get to your subject with each particular lens.  I notice my photos are blurry if I get too close with my 50mm 1.4 but I see other people’s pictures are extremely close up and clear with that lens.  

    Thanks  Aaron!

  • Anonymous

    Where do i get my inspiration? This is a good question… and I am not even sure that i know the answer… im not even shore that i have had one :D …. but… 
    *most of it get from city I live (Captial of Latvia – Riga)
    *i guess friends
    *inspiring photographers like you Aron :D , cause you have really great knowledge but still you ar down to earth… not like most of photographers and with this great project you even share info, that would be hard and sometimes even imposible to find elsewhere 
    *music… nothing specific … but music in general(cause it depends on my mood)
    *… and maybe something more, that i just cant remember :D

    amm and of course my camera staring at me with that lonely lense saying that i am to lazy for it :D

    Same problem like oliviabossert with finding turle ;)


  • Dale Antony Richards

    I am also a huge fan of Danny Boyle movies such as 127 hours, such a great film to get your claws into.
    However Slumdog Millionairre was appauling as far as a DB film, the film was average in the fact that it was well produced but the acting was par, the story was predicatable, I think the only reason people would say how much they loved it is because they wanted to appear cultural.

  • Dale Antony Richards

    …and I get inspiration from other Photographers especially this one guy you may not have heard about, Aaron noose, Nock, nece something like that =]

    Magazines play a big role in my life and don’t worry you’re not the only heterosexual male to buy fashion magazines, although I don’t subscribe =P
    However one of the joys of being at college is we get free magazines on vogue etc and back copies the catch is they can’t leave college lol.

  • Dale Antony Richards

    Inspiration is not from what you see or hear it’s from what you feel!

  • Dale Antony Richards ;] – anyone ever misspelled PhleaRn? this is what you get =P

  • Karissa Hosek

    i love britney spears! haha her circus tour was so incredible, and her
    music video was so cool.  I will shoot with a lion one day :) haha

    I’m inspired when I’m outdoors, viewing a gallery, have vivid ideas, and always watch phlearn

  • Gábor Lénárt

    “Tip: For fast switching between blend modes use Shift+Alt(Opt)+ “+/-”
    It’s not working for me:S

  • Malcolm Debono

    Awesome episode! Love the grain tip!

    One thing I learnt from this episode is that once you have something to work on (be it another inspirational image, a design or sketch, etc.), it’s actually quite easy to get to the end result because you sort of already know what you need to use and how to get it done.

  • Roman

    If You have selected brush or other tool with blending modes it will switch between blending modes within that tool. Pres (V) for move tool or (I) for Eye Dropper and it should work.
    To correct myself Alt(Opt) is not necessary. Just Shift+ “-/+”.
    However if you press Shift+Alt(Opt) + (any letter) you will go strait to assigned blending mode. Q R and P are “empty”.

  • Roman

    Try Shift+option+command+E ;)

  • Aaron Nace

    Love this man, here is your virtual $5 :)

  • Aaron Nace

    I get mine from music all the time! Perfect!

  • Aaron Nace

    I use pressure sensitivity for brush size, and 1-10 on my keyboard for opacity, unless I am painting. Then i use both.

  • Aaron Nace

    BTW, love this

  • Gábor Lénárt

    Ohhh fuck, I’m so silly!:D Thank you!!!!:D

  • Gábor Lénárt

    And what if I want to change the layer’s blending mode? What’s the shortcut for that?:)

  • Roman

    Just change the tool for move tool or Eye Dropper. These tools don’t have a blending options so shortcuts work on layer.

  • Anonymous

    I mostly get my inspiration from nature, since I live on a beautiful Island. Weird art magazines, old photo books and music are a big inspiration too.

    I really love this episode. I’m definitely going to use this in one of my photos.

  • Demetrius

    My inspiration comes from everything I see from magazines, illustrations and seeing people in urban areas that are very expressive about their interpretation of fashion and the like..

    Also when I talk to clients and they talk about things they like from colors to specific areas of town..  Most of the time when I look at my stuff that I have worked on, I only like it for a few minutes and then I think about all of the things I could or should have done and it really irritates me, but drives the improvement the next time.

  • Brandon Luong

    Aaron, youre totally my dude. Rock on 

  • Brandon Luong

    Awesome Phlearn episode. Aaron youre my dude, rock on!

  • Hab_pix

    Great lesson.  However, when I select gradient map I do not get black/white circle but the rectangle icon the layers pallete.  Does this matter?  What am I doing something wrong?

  • C. Edward Brice

    Thx. really appreciate the tutorial

  • Qikelav

    i still don’t know what are you saying at 11:46 ):  

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