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Creating a Story Board + How to Get People Connected to Your Photos

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Mar 20

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My main goal as a photographer is to make a connection with my audience. I want them to feel the way I feel when I am creating images. If a person does not look at my images and FEEL something, I have failed.

That being said, it is become a quest to identify what people connect with and apply that to photography. If you are experiencing a lot more MISSes than HITs, this episode is perfect for you. We discuss one of the most important parts of photography, and how to make your images better.

There are many ways to make a connection with your audience, and this is just one of them. I like to tell stories. You may like to show raw emotion or beauty, all are totally valid.

What Makes Your Images Work?

What have you found works for you in creating images? Do some of your images just “work” better than others? If so why?

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  • W Brian Duncan (aka IPBrian)

    Congrats on  your first year!

  • Dan Hanus

    woow! this was episode for me. really. thnak you Aaron:) 

  • Michael Nightmare

    I am in the same boat as you Aaron ( HAHA see what I did there “boat” and your using a boat in your pictures eh eh? lol) But I story board and sketch to make sure my ideas are what I want and to help build the story. I find it most excellent. 

  • Angela Butler ♔

    I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Wow! Happy Birthday Phlearn!!! 

  • ThanhNguyen

    All PRO tutorials amazing, I always buy it :)
    The end of the video episodes you always make me funny :D

    Congratulate Aaron!!

  • Thanh Nguyen

     Its me hehe

  • Al Cruz

    I started to sketch my shots because of you Aaron!!!!

  • Pjay

    Happy Birthday, Phlearn!

  • janiecakes

    The photos that I’ve received the most comments from on flickr are the series I did of dreams and nightmares. I think everyone has had similar dreams or nightmares and can relate. I also get a lot of comments on my humorous photos…who doesn’t like to laugh?

  • Jenna Petrone

    This photo shoot sounds like it’s going to be epic and so much fun!  I’m really excited to see the final product!

  • Sebastian Ortiz

    I absolutely agree… :)

  • Sebastian Ortiz

    Awesome, that I’ve been with you since day one… I feel special right now, like I have two birthdays!!! HA! HAppy Birthday Aaron and Phlearn and Phlearn Team!!!

  • Ana GR

    Great work!

  • Cristian Brigo

    Am I the only one having problem with Paypal when trying to purchase one of the pro pack? It’s driving me crazy! I will try again in an hour…

    BTW Happy Birthday!

  • Cristian Brigo

    Sorted by using Firefox instead of Safari…

  • Kalolaina31

    Congrats Aaron and the rest of the team!!!  You are all amazing and I have really appreciated your videos this past year….and here’s to another great year!!! 

  • Robert Ash

    I’ve recently started coming up with concepts to execute rather than just capturing what’s there. My shots are more 1-frame situations/stories than they multi-frame stories. Once I get a concept/situation/story I start work on it then research tutorials to help me with techniques I don’t know how to execute. That’s how I ran across Phlearn :) Someone on had posted a link to your site because of your great work and I found a tutorial (Girl in the Wall) that did almost exactly what I needed. I then refined the techniques I learned to make the image what I wanted.

    The step for me prior to that had been to start shooting series’ of images. Your idea of doing a photo equivalent of a graphic novel – an actual, literal story – is something I’d never thought of, I definitely intend to try doing that.

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