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Phlearn + CreativeLIVE = Compositing 101

May 15

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Compositing 101

We are very excited to announce that I (Aaron Nace) will be teaching  a 3 day course on compositing with Creative Live starting Thu, 5/30/2013 at 9AM.

Compositing is about making complex, visual masterpieces driven by your creative vision. Through mastering compositing, you will deepen your understanding of color, light, and movement — vaulting your photography skills to the next level while bringing more value to your clients and your pocket.

During this in-depth workshop, I will show you how to conceptualize the idea, plan out your composite, photograph and light each piece of the puzzle, and artfully combine the many parts using Photoshop.

This course is FREE to watch live, so be sure to ENROLL TODAY and reserve your spot!


This is the first time we are going to be featured on CreativeLive for a full 3 day course. If you have been with Phlearn from the beginning you know how big of a deal this is. Phlearn is becoming something much bigger than I had ever imagined and the bigger we get the better content we can provide you.

I don’t want to just show up and put on a good show, I want to set records. I want this to be the best course CreativeLive has ever published.

The only way that is going to happen is if we get your support. Over the last 2 years I have made 450+ FREE Videos on Photography and Photoshop. If any one of those has made an impact on your photography and life you are part of the Phamily.

Attendance for the free workshop is a big deal and I want to crash servers! Tweet @CreativeLIVE to let them know how excited you are and be sure to Enroll now. Let’s show them the power of the Phamily!



Make sure to become part of the Phlearn Family on Facebook, conversate with us on Twitter, and #hashtag your Phlearn inspirations on Instagram.

  • Patrick Niddrie

    Awesome! Can’t wait for this.

  • Alex Hochstrasser


  • Aaron Nace

    Thanks man!

  • Elaine B

    I enrolled a couple of weeks ago! I “discovered” you on CreativeLIVE during Photoshop Week and have been “following” you ever since :~) I don’t possess your phenomenal imagination and technical skills, but I love watching your tutorials to learn new techniques even if I never use them :~) Plus you’re cute and funny :~)

  • ShadeK

    I discovered creativeLive thanks to you (Photoshop week) and been in love with them ever since, so I enrolled as soon as this was announced! can’t wait for it, I know you’re going to make on of the best workshops ever :D

  • Aaron Nace

    Thanks so much Elaine!

  • Elaine B

    You’re welcome, Aaron :~) I was actually hoping to drive up to Seattle to be in the audience, but my car was totaled in an accident a few weeks ago and I’m not feeling too great myself :~( But there will be a next time, won’t there? :~)

  • Nico

    Already excited! Good luck Aaron!!!

  • Stefano Tealdi

    Yeah! Hope to see it all! (Here in Italy it will be at night..). Just one thing Aaron, in the post you wrote @CretativeLIVE, while it is Creative :) see you later!

  • Vishal Diwan

    I am in… Thank You :-) :-)

  • Oscar Wall

    Rock ‘en’rolled!

  • arrowlili

    Yep, I’m signed up. I missed out on your stint on photoshop week so I’m glad to get another bite at the apple :-)

  • David Shepherd

    Hey Aaron,
    I signed up for this on creativeLive! Great to see you there! Break a nib!

  • Randy Justice

    Signed up a few days ago. Really excited to see it. Phlearn has made such a major impact on me as an artist, and helped me to grow my horizons so much over the last year. Nothing would stop me from checking it out.

  • Stephanie Tandhasett

    I’ve died & gone to tutorial expertise heaven!

  • Anthony Toon

    I’ve been on Phlearn since 6 months now, and I guess the most inspirational and “life-changing” tutorial I’ve ever followed (and I’ve bought 17 tutorials so far) are “Island of Morel” and “Mother Nature”, those two specific tutorials (and BTS) are around the photo itself (how to organize it), the way of thinking before, while, and AFTER the shooting about how you’ll process your image, and how to process the image itself. I can say it straight, Phlearn and Aaron have changed my photographical life, probably forever. I love you guys <3 (Anthony – AP Photographie)

  • The Pose Factory

    Seattle?!! I’m thirty miles away. Tell me more about ‘sitting in the audience’.

  • The Pose Factory

    btw, I’m brand new to Phlearn but it seems really awesome. Good luck with it, I’m going to go through your site right now.


    Great moment i Won’t miss. 2 of my favourites learning web sites in one !!!

    Aaron for all you bring to me including lessons of English…(don’t
    understand every joke but…when you smile , i do too… Yeah…)

    Best regard from Brittany (France)

  • Sean Kelly

    Worlds colliding! Love Phlearn and have watched and purchased numerous tutorials. Ditto for CreativeLIVE. Seems my self imposed spending ban has come to an end :) Have a great time Aaron, looking forward to watching from a weird timezone down under!

  • Darla St Clair Sycamore

    Aaron you are #1 with me in Photoshop. I found you from Creative Live. I have enrolled in the 3 days and really exceed to see what you have in store. I am a junkie on your pro tutorials they are a bit ahead of my ability but that is how you learn by challenging. Love your approach of making learning fun and your humour.

  • XinluQi

    Wow 3 day Aaron insanity!!! XD I appreciated it so much Thank you very much Aaron for this three day course,blown my mind!

  • Jeff P K

    I’m a Big Fan Aaron… good job this week @ CL :D


    Very interesting 3 days.Seems you were a bit sick on the third day… ;-)
    You answered two of my questions…love the idea of the Chatroom.So Great.
    I waited ‘Blend if’ tricks because i didn’t catch it…but time ran so fast !

    Thanks again…

    Best Regards

    SMART (France)

  • Michiel

    That was amazing. 3 days of total fun to watch. I couldnt watch it all, so I had to buy it. So many techiniques and skills, unbelievable. And never a dull moment. Cant wait to rewatch some of stuff you showed us.

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