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Phlearn Interviews Dean Bradshaw

Sep 28

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Dean Bradshaw is a great photographer and Photoshop artist based out of California, who not only tells stories through his images, but gives you images you can lose yourself in. In this exclusive Interview, Dean talks about everything from lighting, to cameras, business, and how to be cool.

Hang out with us for an hour or so, it won’t suck or your money back.

Be sure to check Dean out on his many different sites, he is cool, and will talk to you :)
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  • gt

    What happened to the phlogo contest?

  • Demetrius Austin

    man I just found Dean on 500px about a week ago.  His work kicks a$$..

  • Lawrence Smith

    i stayed up to watch the entire thing, and to be completely honest it was well worth it!

  • Al Cruz

    Yes it was worth watching!!!!!!
    it is possible to do a Phlearn Pro on this Image  I can’t wait to phlearn how he retouched this image!!!!!!

  • Ben Leavitt

    Absolutely LOVED this interview!!
    I’m really excited to see that Phlearn Pro tutorial.
    I must admit, when you were talking about how much equipment doesn’t matter I caught myself thinking, “Dang, I need to get that 50mm 1.4 lens!”
    This is exactly the kind of work I’d love to do for a living, how do you find people to pay you for it?

  • Stefano Tealdi

    This weekend I will look at it all (it’s a little bit long ^_^)
    anyway just wanted to tell you that the link in the Pheatured section is wrong ;)

    thanks for all your work guys!

  • Alfonso Barona

    cooolll episode!!!coool photographer!!i want to retouch like that!!jajaj Thanks for this interview aaron and also thanks dean!!
    Take a look to the making off of my last photoshoot! If you want :)

  • Dale Antony Richards


  • Vacafilms

    Dean Bradshaw is a Photo Ninja!

  • Janie Cakes

    That was one of my favorite PHLEARNS!  Can’t wait to see you interview more creatives like that.

  • Anonymous


  • LND

    Awesome interview!!  Loved it!!

  • Crestina

    Great interview! I would not mind if you did more of these. It is great to see how other photographers run their business. 

  • IPBrian

    That was one long episode…but most definitely worth a watch!

  • Andrea Peipe

    Wow, the photo of the woman in the training clothes at the ocean… <3!!!! I love his stuff, he is really awesome! Thank you for doing this guys, it was for sure very long but also a very interesting interview and great to hear how others work!

    @ Dean: I will for sure follow you on twitter! I would love to see what you will come up with in the future! 

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  • Jon henbest

    We totally need to get dean on here for a phlearn pro

  • Fredrik Haffy Hallén

    Where is the hands on video tutorial of Dean ? Would love to se how he works !

  • Ing_felipegl

    Where is the pro tutorial?

  • Pixelstudios Ro
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