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Deconstructing 132 Layers!

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Aug 24

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Deconstructing 132 Layers!

Today we are taking a HUGE COMPLICATED image, and breaking it down into a layer by layer explanation of how the image was created. We start off with nothing but a few random stock images, and build everything together to make the final image pictured below.

Important Concepts:

Sketching your ideas
Finding Stock images
Matching Lighting
Adding Effects
Selective Coloring

What is your GAME CHANGER?

What I mean by this is – What was the thing you realized in photography, photoshop, business or other, that changed the way you saw things. For me it was the moment I realized that when I saw a photo that I thought was amazing – instead of thinking you could never do something like that, realizing that it is just a series of small steps. That means to me that no matter what goal I have, no matter how good I want to become – I don’t have to do it all right now. If I can make a little bit of progress on small things consistently, eventually it will all add up to something big.

  • Waseef Akhtar

    Ah thanks all I needed was a disqus account. It works xD

  • Ben

    My game changer was, and continues to be seeing what professional photographers get straight out of camera without any adjustments on them. Once I saw that, I realized I could photograph just as well as the next guy, and that the real magic happened on the post production side of things.

  • Anonymous

    my game changer: I always knew that I wanted to do something involving fashion, but I had no idea what because I didnt like designing, or writing, so i was like: what the heck can I do ?! and then my ex boyfriend moved country and I was trying to find a new hobby so i picked up a camera and began to learn. It wasnt until about a year into photography that I suddenly realized: I can take PHOTOS of fashion!!! It was SUCH a huge relief, cause honestly, i adore my job. Well, its not 100% my job yet as Im still a student at uni but I work 6 months of the year, and I’m so so so glad Ive found photography. I get to be creative and make money, how cool is that?! Plus, my coolness rating has totally gone up now that people think I can make them look good :P

    sorry im a bit behind on Phlearn, kinda had an internet holiday when friends were visiting. Im catching up!! xxxx

  • Mahalia

    This really inspired me to create something. I haven’t been able to use so many layers. I was always scared of it, so this is really my first ever experiment. I’ve done photo manipulation before but I’ve never done a whole photo by merging photo after photo and creating so many layers. These aren’t my photos. They’re stock photos I found on deviantart (proper credit has been given, so no worries!)

  • Ben Benson

    Nice man. Way to go!

  • Anna-fabia

    YOU’RE SO AWSOME DUDE! I’m glad you share this, i love your work.

  • Andrea Peipe

    I think this is amazing Steffen!! I love it!

  • Andrea Peipe

    Holy smokes! I am loving this! So interesting to see how many layers are necessary to create this! I think the most layers I ever used was maybe 40 or 50 but not more… thank you for showing us this, I am feeling totally inspired now! :D

  • Hayden Lihou

    This would make an awesome phlearn pro!

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