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How to Edit Your Images Quicker With Keyboard Shortcuts

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Apr 26

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Speed Up Your Workflow With Keyboard Shortcuts

The best way to get faster at editing is to practice  and practice some more, but once  you nail the command keys in photoshop you will be much quicker and enjoy editing more. In this episode I’ll show you a few that most people don’t know, and the ones I work with the most so I can help you spend less time staring at the monitor.

See Your Image Edited On Phlearn

Starting next week we are getting organized with a schedule of episode topics. Starting Monday I will edit a phamily member’s photo from start to finish over the course of 3 days. Post your images HERE with a short description for a chance to have your photo edited in next week’s episodes.

Question of the Day

How did you first fall in love with photoshop? Did you see an artist you really admired, develop your own work, or something else?

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Start a Facebook Fan Page for your photography, it is a great way to build a presence.