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Emo vs. Nerd – The Epic Phlearn Photo Battle

Sep 27

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Epic Photo Battle

Phlearn is proud to present our second epic photo battle! We pit two photos together to see who comes out on top, and best of all, you are the ones who decide!

Tell Us Why

The whole reason we do these battles is to learn what makes a photo better. By pointing out why one image is successful and another isn’t and explaining why we can learn what to avoid and what to do more of. That is why it is so important that you tell us why you vote the way you did, so everyone can learn!

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Battle Guidelines:

How to Enter
If you would like one of your images battled against another, just post it to the Flickr Phlearn Group and tag it with PhlearnBattle. Your image is now available to battle!

Click Here to View Battle Entries

The battle is nothing without you, so be sure to enter your vote and tell us WHY!

By submitting images, you give Phlearn LLC the right to digitally alter your image and display on, and use your image and any resulting derivatives to promote We reserve the right to change the rules whenever we want.
  • Juice Stain

    They are both cool….but the Avril album takes away from the authenticity of the emo photo.  It’s almost the same if the nerd was holding a book about baseball or something.  Funny, but not part of the stereotype.  I think the Avil album is hilarious, and works because the whole pose is over the top and humorous. But purely based on which represents the stereotype I have to go with the nerd.  :)  

  • Bryan Dockett

    I’m voting for the nerd photo… it’s easier for me to relate to and frankly i don’t know what an emo is. Its like defining a hipster. 

  • Grant Norwood

    Definitely nerd, its just a more genuine expression. 

  • Stephane

    This is a more difficult choice for me than the previous battle (where I picked zebra). I appreciate the work put into both images (preparation and post). I guess serious efforts are required to get these excellent and convincing results! My vote went for the nerd. I think that it has to do with the color of the skin and brightness of the face. Both are great though.

  • Tsaqib Al-Hasawi

    Ahh..this is a hard one. I think the nerd because it looks more natural. :-D

  • Ozzam Escudero Ajihil

    I would vote for the nerdie photo…It’s more natural…and for the emo image, maybe I would use more of the liquify tool to make oneself a lot thinner….and yeah, why avril….?lol……

  • Ett Venter

    Hahaha, it was me that said the white background sucks! 

    And this looks WAAAAAAY better. Thanks Aaron :D  

    I’m not going to lie – those monitors in the background are super distracting. I find myself looking at the photos on those monitors more than I’m looking at you. Hahaha. But this is MILES ahead of the white background. Thanks man :D

  • Carl Constantine

    Love the new set Aaron. Love the rotating images also. An I really love this photo battle. I will have to submit a couple for sure. You learn and grow with critique and I know I can always improve my work.

  • James Warwood

    Some people are never happy! ;)

  • James Warwood

    I like both images. My vote goes to the Emo image though as the lighting in the Nerd image is much more even.

    Nerd – Being lit from the sides and below just throws the image a little off for me. Looks more psycho than nerdy!. Great post work though! :)

    Emo – If i didn’t know this was Aaron I would never have guessed it was him! Again great post work! I’m sure the Album was ironic :)

  • Fredrik

    That animated is VERY distracting :(

  • Todd

    I voted for the Emo,, I just think the lighting worked better in the emo plate, the nerd’s lighting just looked too harsh and under lighting is so distracting outside of Halloween..

  • Macxs Oppici

    I think your face is the focus point of those images, so I prefer Nerd only because your expression is more visible. The Emo face is darker and less visible.

  • Erin Guest

    I’m so torn! I’d sleep with both. *sage nod*

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