Sep 20, 2012

Check out Phlearn’s Epic Photo Battle 1

Epic Photo Battle

Today we bring you the first epic photo battle on Phlearn. We are pitting one photo against another and seeing who comes out on top.

This is not just some “pick the best photo” battle, today we are asking why. The whole idea behind these battles is to get everyone thinking about what makes an image good and what makes it bad. By identifying both, you can apply these concepts to your own work, and be more successful because of it.


Vote below to tell us which image wins, the poll results will update with your vote. More importantly than just voting, be sure to say WHY in a comment below. That way we can all read each other’s comments and find insights we may have not seen on our own.

So who wins, Gorilla or Zebra?

Fill out my online form.

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    Luis Pacheco

    I voted gorilla. Although I think that the issue with the disconnect between the gorilla and the rest of the composition may have to do with the fact that the gorilla is super desaturated especially compared to the color saturation of the sandwich. Maybe bumping some color into the gorilla may have helped.

    The zebra seemed less believable as it wouldn’t eat that kind of food. It had a missing tail, and I believe it’s face would cast a shadow into the box.