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Check out Phlearn’s Epic Photo Battle 1

Sep 20

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Epic Photo Battle

Today we bring you the first epic photo battle on Phlearn. We are pitting one photo against another and seeing who comes out on top.

This is not just some “pick the best photo” battle, today we are asking why. The whole idea behind these battles is to get everyone thinking about what makes an image good and what makes it bad. By identifying both, you can apply these concepts to your own work, and be more successful because of it.


Vote below to tell us which image wins, the poll results will update with your vote. More importantly than just voting, be sure to say WHY in a comment below. That way we can all read each other’s comments and find insights we may have not seen on our own.

So who wins, Gorilla or Zebra?

Fill out my online form.

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Battle Guidelines:

How to Enter
If you would like one of your images battled against another, just post it to the Flickr Phlearn Group and tag it with PhlearnBattle. Your image is now available to battle!

Click Here to View Battle Entries

The battle is nothing without you, so be sure to enter your vote and tell us WHY!

By submitting images, you give Phlearn LLC the right to digitally alter your image and display on, and use your image and any resulting derivatives to promote We reserve the right to change the rules whenever we want.
  • Imagesbyjk

    I liked the zebra shot better. Just my initial impression when I saw them was that the gorilla was an obvious composite while the zebra looked more convincing. I think it has to do with either the color balance or image quality of the gorilla. It just doesn’t seem to fit. I like it’s overall concept with the interaction and the sandwiches. But it doesn’t seem to sell the composite. I like the clothing coordination of the zebra shot and your sort of ho-hum reaction to it is engaging.

  • Daniel Moroyoqui



    1. the competition is not about the eye interaction because both pictures are so different in many ways.
    2. There is more work in the composition of the Zebra picture, there is more going on there than just an eye interaction for a sandwich. I mean, I love both of the pictures, do not get me wrong.
    3. Support artefacts such as the lunch boxes and sodas are better placed in the Zebra picture, they look more natural.
    4. Zebras are funny! they are some kind of eclectic to me so I really find this picture interesting and again, composition.
    5. I do oil painting and the Color universe in the picture I’m choosing is huge!


  • Luis Pacheco

    I voted gorilla. Although I think that the issue with the disconnect between the gorilla and the rest of the composition may have to do with the fact that the gorilla is super desaturated especially compared to the color saturation of the sandwich. Maybe bumping some color into the gorilla may have helped.

    The zebra seemed less believable as it wouldn’t eat that kind of food. It had a missing tail, and I believe it’s face would cast a shadow into the box.

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Having trouble cloning out fly away hairs on a complicated background? Duplicate your layer. On the bottom layer, use the liquify tool to shrink the head, which extends the background into the head (make sure to try and keep the background looking good and not warped around to much) . Now on top layer, use a mask to reveal the extended background, hiding the fly away hair.