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Extreme Wide Angle Photography, Pt. 2

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May 16

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Using the Pen Tool

For extreme wide angle photography, the pen tool is a tricky tool to use at first, but once mastered it is a great option for making clean selections. By using it to select only the wall behind our model, we can create a group with a mask only visible on the wall. This lets us alter the color and contrast of the wall without changing anything else we might not want to.

Click here for a full episode on how to use the pen tool

Clearing Up Distractions & Adding Color

Now that the wall is less distracting, we can take care of some of the dirt on the table that our model is standing on. These are relatively small distractions, but taking care of small details is a big part of making an image appear more refined.

Using blend-if (right click layer and select blending option) is a quick way to add amazing color to your image. We’ve added a hue & saturation layer to make our image more blue, but by using blend-if we can make it only affect the shadows of the image and vice versa for the light areas.

To view more of the editing techniques that went into this image, check out our tutorial Dark & Dramatic

Before & After

roll over to view difference

  • s c

    Dude, I would love to live in your city. It would be awesome to spend a day with you. Your personality is so infectious :P

    Thanks for the videos, I plan on saving to buy some pros ive had my eye on for a while :)

  • Mike D

    I’m sure you’ve mentioned it before – I can’t seem to find it, but how do you change your brush size the way you do in your videos? Is is a special setup in your wacom drivers or is it simply a hotkey in photoshop I dun know ’bout.

  • Nick Li

    Yo Aaron, have you ever used the “Match Color” in Photoshop? This is a hidden gem.

  • Christophe B


    It’s a touch combinaison, on Mac it’s cmd+option if I remember well and with your pen go up/down for the seize and left/right for smooth or hard

  • Reza M

    And it’s Alt + Right click holded on Windows

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