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Using Filters to Add Effects

Apr 27

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Layering and Masking Filters

See the best ways to work with filters by building them up in layers and changing blend modes. I don’t use many of the ones that are available in photoshop, but there are certain types of photos where those work great and I’ll cover that as well. Today I’ll show you a couple new techniques you can use and experiment with the new oil paint filter to give an artistic feel to our image.

  • Piotr Romiszowski

    Yep,this episode sucks but I love it anyway … only because watching You became an addict ;]

  • Shane S


  • Shane S

    I have a question, how can i take a macro of a human eye without a really bad glare, it seems like i cant take a crystal clear image without having a glare i cannot get rid of. 

    please help.

  • Rubén Chase

    There is a Redfield filter called “Fractalius” that makes great effects for lightning with blend modes.

    There is an example from my gallery:

  • Sebastian Ortiz

    AAAAHAAAHAHAAAA!! I painted each of those by hand… $500., please! 

  • Robert France

    Thinking about the new Oil Paint feature in CS6, I used the new mixer brush on the faces to smooth out the oil look. I think it works but I generally think wrong.

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