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Fix a Broken T.V.

Oct 04

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It is official, Phlearn is now in Chicago!

Thanks for your support on this journey, it has been an absolute blast, and I can’t wait to see everything the city has to offer. Along with a big move, you are going to get some good and some bad. For the most part, this has been a great experience. It kinda sucks that my TV had to suffer a loss today, but at least no one got hurt. Now I am just waiting to see whether or not the moving company tries to screw me.

What would you do if in my shoes??

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  • timothyh

    To bad for the TV, glad to see you back. Cheers

  • beckywoodh

    Can you make a cool texture out of the broken glass? Im sure the movers have insurance, right?

  • Ian Arneson

    file a damage claim with the moving company you used, this will get the process going, cause without a claim, then nothing happened. THEN you need to provide a few things IF they deny your damage claim:
    1. Proof of damage
    2.Claim must within 9 months of move (no problem)
    3.Movers are not liable for boxes that you packed yourself unless there are damaged externally and the  evidence shows the boxes were improperly handled. Otherwise, it may be concluded that the damages to the contents of the boxes occurred as a result of your packing.
    4. Movers are not liable for any damage caused by the weather. Extreme humidity, especially during the summer months, can cause warping
    5. If you are asking for more money than the claimed items are worth, the movers will be not responsive.  You must be reasonable and fair. You cannot claim damages based on your personal value.

    hope this helps

  • Natalia Osmolovskaya

    Aww Aaron that really sucks about the tv :( Haha i can tell you’re trying hard to not show that you’re super mad, by being all smiley. I don’t know what to do in situation like that, other than contact the company and see what they say.. But i really hope they will help you out and pay for the damage, cause it’s not like you were the one that broke it.. it was in THEIR hands. Thanks for the episode and good luck unpacking! :D

  • Ben Leavitt

    Welcome back Aaron! So glad to see your face on my screen again,

    If you used Two Men and a Truck, I’ve heard good things about them in the past. I’m pretty sure they won’t try to screw you over. It’s a moving company and these things happen all the time with them. I bet they have insurance to cover those kinds of losses.If they DO try to mess with you and say it’s not their fault, then I would highly recommend you sign up for prepaid legal. It’s kind of like lawyer insurance. you pay a very small monthly fee and in return you have access to the best lawyers in the country. If  you get a speeding ticket and you have a defense then they’ll go to court for you. If you go to jiffy lube and they jack up your car, you can call the lawyers and scare them in to fixing up your car. I have it for my family and love it. They also have a business version you can sign up for.

  • Roman

    Oww. If you don’t pay for insurance they are insured by lbs. Check your contract but its like 60cents per lbs.

  • Andrea Christina

    Yay Aaron is back! ;) Welcome and I hope you have a good start in Chicago! I’ve been there for the first time this year in April and really loved it A LOT there!!! I am sure you will enjoy it :)

    I would tell the company very strictly that they have to pay for that, they cannot move your stuff and break it! When I moved, the only thing they broke was edges of my closet and that made me mad already but a TV?! Na-ah. Go for it Aaron!

  • Ellie

    WOO YOU’RE BACK!!!!! 
    about time!! :)  
    wait…does this mean we won’t be seeing Lil Frankie anymore? 

    perhaps take your frustration out on the movers…I am sure they will fix your TV then ;)  

  • thephotolab

    Hey Aaron!  Welcome back!  I know you’ve been busy with packing, moving, resettling your life….but I hope you won’t forget to conclude the phlogo contest.  A few us worked pretty hard on submitting entries, and its always a shame when the work goes unacknowledged.  Thanks!

  • Brennan Hickson

    If you signed a contract with the movers, you’re pretty limited to whatever the terms permit. I would recommend reviewing the contract and looking for the terms regarding broken or damaged items.

    Hopefully you won’t have to do any screen-fixing Photoshop-ing in the future!

  • Katherine Beach

    OMG NOOOOOO that was such a nice TV :’( I feel your pain, I’m so happy for you and the move!!! I can’t wait to see the place all nice and pretty and awesome looking LOL, I’ll have to go visit you sometime miss you!! Say hi to your mama for me! Wish you the best in Chicago!!! and bout the TV ya they should cover it, did you show the movers? or did you unpack it and see it after? I’m sure that the actual movers know they did it 

  • Milica Tepavac Walker

    Aaron, welcome to Chicago! Sorry for the TV.
    Hope to see you soon!

  • Dale Antony Richards

    I never trusted Lil Frankie’s moving company anyways!

  • Aaron Nace

    I will get this together soon, I haven’t forgotten :)

  • Aaron Nace

    this sounds great, thanks Ben!

  • Anonymous

    absolutely :D

  • Demetrius Austin

    welcome back!

  • william mcewen

    Seeing as I’ve been in the moving business for two decades, I can tell you that you have, according to NC Utility law (which covers all moving companies operating in the state) a maximum of 180 days to file a claim. Your claim should be filed with the originating office (Charlotte) and dealt with solely through them. Even if it was a Chicago crew who did the damage, file it through Charlotte.
    In the moving industry, Two Men and a Truck have been renamed as Two Men Who Don’t Give a Phuck. SOooo not my first choice in moving companies, and I thought as much when first seeing the boxes you had stacked behind you.

  • Aaron Nace

    good to know, thanks William

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