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Fixing Perspective Distortion

Mar 06

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Focal Length Stretching

The best way to avoid what looks like stretched faces is by shooting with the right lens. However it’s also possible to fix this problem in post, here we show you how to correct the portrait we shot yesterday with a 16-35mm lens. A longer focal length flattens out a person’s face, while one that is too to short bows it out.  There are programs out there that will help, here we show you how to fix it using a corrective filter.  If you have any better suggestions let us know!

Today’s Episode Timeline

  • 0:35- Contest winners
  •  1:00- This week’s contest
  •  1:37- Differences between images
  •  3:00- Lens correction filter
  • 3:30- Adjusting each setting
  • 7:00- Comparing the differences
  • 7:30- Cropping the image

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  • Ágúst

    The best BTS video. No problem :)

    Chase Jarvis showed his entire workflow in a great video here: 

    Great explanations.

    Attached is a BTS image from me ;P

  • Connor Young

    But generally all of Dave Hills’ videos are great!

  • yamaha83

    this one is really good for composite stuff. but everything on this site is really good! ;)

  • Ian Arneson
  • Alain Pilon

    This Chase Jarvis Ninja video is great:

    But what make it even better is how perfectly it fits with the PhLearn philosophy: Chase did this shoot not for the money but because he wanted to make it! And guess what? It gave him experience, credibility and notoriety. The kind of stuff we all want to have ;-)

  • Anick Morel

    When I used to work with Von Wong a while back. He came up with a body builder/commando photoshoot.

  • Massimo

    Lightroom does this lens modifications fast and esay :)

  • Karl Filip Karlsson

    Not so much talking here how he work, but the way he use the glas pieces give awesome result!

  • Stefano Tealdi

    I love the work of Von Wong, in particular the flour dance BTS 
    you can find all the work of this great photographer at


  • Alain Pilon

    I used to go there to take urban exploration pictures. Awesome place (before the fire), I just wish I could have had the authorization to actually shoot there with models. This video made me remember all the first floor which I had totally forgotten. These were awesome memories, thx! 

  • Anders Philip

    I love this behind the scenes video because its an awesome way to create light and awesome images!


  • Bryan Dockett

    I love BTS vids! Here’s one of my recent favorites BTS from the fstoppers contest. I loved it because it was low budget and pretty damn creative
    here’s the vid:
    here’s the final product:

  • Franklyn Espinal

    I always found these guys from very informative and of course, very funny.

  • janiecakes

     That is awesome

  • janiecakes

     Another awesome video

  • janiecakes

     You’re url is bad…missing the h in http

  • janiecakes

     Ha ha! That was fun!

  • janiecakes

     Ha Ha! You can usually win by sucking up to Aaron!  LOL!  It was a good one though.

  • Cesar

    Hey guys visit Collin Anderson’s blog to see some amazings composites. This is one of his how to videos.

  • Anders Philip

    Thanks! its should work now!:-)

  • janiecakes

    I found this behind the scenes video by Brooke Shaden very helpful for self-portrait work especially in how to deal with focusing and especially watching how some simple movement and simple homemade props can produce such a beautiful image.

    Here is the final image:

  • janiecakes

     That is amazing. I would Like it 100 times if I could.

  • janiekakes

    Yep that worked.  That was a good video.

  • Joey Newell
  • Aaron Brown

    Help Portrait Project 2009 in Seoul, South Korea. We shot at an orphanage and I’ve never learned more about life in general than I did that day. We had SUCH a good day:

  • Anonymous

    Emily Soto has some cool BTS video.  You have to watch carefully for the setup and lighting (it’s there!), but the videos themselves are beautiful!!video

  • RSP Photography from Drewshoots-

  • Reem

    I really really love this one!! the “some things you can’t throw away” ” trash bag dress” by Aaron :) 

  • Griffin Beste
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