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86″ Parabolic Reflector
Name: 86″ Parabolic Reflector

Very, very large light source that is absolutely wonderful for a lot of images like a sunset or something like that when you want a large soft light wrapping around someone. One of our phavorite lighting accessories we absolutely love it!


Flaspoint presents a quality parabolic umbrella with 16 ribs and a very shiny silver coating on the inside. It features a very precise front focusing device, c and an also be used with HMI constant lighting. The design of this quality umbrella results in a very high light efficiency. It allows the choice of directed light with high contrast to extremely soft light. In comparison to a large area lamp the light stays constantly brilliant, shrouding the object like a cloud of light and bringing out wonderfully the structures. Due to the calculated parabolic shape of the umbrella, light fall off towards the edges is negligible.

Technical Details

  • Silver inside, black outside.
  • Projects a soft but narrow beam of light with a pattern and high output similar to a 40° reflector.
  • Two to three f-stops more output than a typical soft box.
  • Available in 86″ and 64″ sizes.

  • davco9200

    How does it attach to the strobe? I can’t tell from the picture. Is it just an umbrella pole?

  • Ayden Gotzmer

    There are actually two ways that Buff sells. The one in the picture is a welded speedring that hooks onto the light itself, this is a symmetric rig. The other attachement is an umbrella pole, which is slightly a-symmetric in the way that it centers light.

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