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Beauty Dish
Name: Beauty Dish

Very nice, very specific look. Use this for portraits. It has a sweet spot on it, basically you don’t want be too far away from your subject. It’s like a hard and soft light. Very cool! Highly recommended.


This CowboyStudio Photography Studio Beauty Dish helps give your photos a magazine high fashion look and would be a great addition to your studio. The beauty dish is great for catching good light. It creates a dead zone in the center of the picture, giving you the look of a magazine.

The beauty dish is very unique in the way that it diffuses light. Unlike a softbox or a reflector which has an “illuminating” surface, the beauty dish has a circle of light with a hazy center. The beauty dish is also unique in the shape of light it makes. The light is doughnut shaped – a round circle with a hole in the middle. This shadows less light on the subject while making the back shadows less harsh. If it is close to the subject you will get a doughnut-like shadow on your background.

Technical Details

  • One (1) 22″ Beauty dish for Alienbees and white lighting
  • One (1) white outside diffuser

  • Don Black

    What is the difference between this and Paul buff’s beauty dish

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