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Canon E1 Handstrap
Name: Canon E1 Handstrap
Essential Sale 1-10
1 = I almost never use this thing.
10 = You had better own this, like yesterday.
Essential Scale: 8

This handstrap is the perfect strap if you use a Canon DSLR with a battery grip or a large body DSLR. It is far less bulky than a neck strap, and doesn't get caught on everything.


This handstrap is perfect if you use a Canon DSLR with a battery grip or a large body DSLR. It is far less bulky than a neck strap and doesn’t get caught on everything.

Personal Experience

After using different types of neck straps and hating them all – I tried the one supplied by Canon, as well as the Rapid Strap,  I decided to go with a handstrap. I am not sure why these are not more popular to be honest, it’s the perfect solution.

One unexpected advantage of using the strap comes when using large heavy lenses like the 70-200 2.8 IS. The strap grabs your hand, making it far less work to hold your camera. Without a strap, holding a 5d Mkii + 70-200 with one hand is nearly impossible and if you  have huge man hands your arm will still get sore from holding its weight. This just takes all the work away.

When This Strap Has Saved My Ass

When shooting events such as weddings, engagements, or dog racing you have to have your camera on you all day, often with a long lens attached. Having a hand strap allows you to put your arm down and let the camera hang. It turns out that this is almost impossible to describe so I have included a photo.

This is actually a bit more comfortable than it looks. Yes, I rock shorts well.

Why I Decided to Include This Strap

It stays on my camera all the time. People who come to the studio and use the camera love it. My mom admires its nice leather finish.

The Goods

  • Comfort – This strap is very comfortable once adjusted correctly. I do have small hands, so I am not able to speak for people with large hands, but I imagine it would work well for them as well.
  • Durability – My gear goes through a lot and this has not frayed or torn. It looks close to brand new after years of use.
  • Hold – Once adjusted the straps will not move, meaning it will not get more loose as time gets by.

The Bads

  • Installation – Installing this thing is a pain in the ass. I have a college degree in design, and I am practically a boyscout with knots and it took me over an hour to get this on my camera the first time. If it takes you forever too, don’t worry, you are not mentally ill equipped to put a hand strap on a camera. The instructions are horrible. If you got yours on in 2 minutes, I bow down to you.
  • Hold – This strap really does hold your hand onto the camera, you will have to pull it out to use some of the buttons on the top of the camera. I had to change the way I use my camera a little, using the menu system for changing WB for example.

Worth Its Price?

Yes. This strap is $15 at the time of this post on Amazon. Just get the thing.

Who Is The Strap Best For?

Photographers who carry their camera around with them. If you are strictly a studio photographer and leave your camera on a tripod all the time, don’t get this strap, it will just get in the way. You do need to have a battery grip on your camera to use this strap, so if you have a small body DSLR (Canon 7d, Nikon D700) pick up a battery grip first.

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