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Hoodman Loupe
Name: Hoodman Loupe
Essential Sale 1-10
1 = I almost never use this thing.
10 = You had better own this, like yesterday.
Essential Scale: 5

Absolutely awesome. Very, very important, especially if you’re not using a light meter. This allows you to view the back of your LCD screen without light getting in the way. If it’s a bright sunny day this is a must have tool.

Technical Details

  • Improved Screen Viewing
  • Perfect for using the viewing screen in bright sun
  • Lightweight
  • Improved critical focus viewing
  • Small easy to carry


The Hoodman Loupe is a great tool for photographers who shoot in bright sun outdoors and have trouble seeing their LCD screens.

Personal Experience

A good friend of mine bought one of these after reading a review of it online, and showed up to a shoot one day with it. I made fun of him.

It looks completely useless, and you look like a tool using this thing. He finally got me to put it up to my LCD screen, and I shut up immediately, then I went home and ordered one for myself. It really does make that big of a difference for people who shoot outdoors and need to check their images for exposure and lighting ratios. Sometimes it can be difficult to see if you are getting detail in your shadows on a bright day because of the reflections on your screen. The Hoodman Loupe eliminates all of those reflections, allowing you to see your image in vivid detail.

You are still going to look like a tool using this thing. At least you won’t be alone, Aaron Nace will be a tool with you.

The Goods

  • Build - This is not just a piece of crap plastic toy, it is very solid and feels great. The build quality is greater than that of some of Canon’s lenses.
  • Zoom – The Eyepiece has an adjustable diopter, meaning you can use it with or without glasses.
  • Reflections – They are gone. You place the rectangular end over your LCD, and the circular end to your eye.
  • Case and Strap – These are also very nice. The case is better than the one I received with my $650 Sekonic L758 DR.

The Bads

  • Cost – You get a great product, but you do pay for it not being a piece of crap.
  • Loss of Game – This piece of gear cancels out a big lens in cool points. The opposite sex will be less interested in you when you yield this tool.

Worth It?

Yes. I love this thing. I don’t care what I look like on a photo shoot. I know my images will impress people in the end and that is what I care about. I bring this with me on every outdoor shoot, and it has saved my exposures and ratios many times.

  • di_jo

    I love this line “… and you look like a tool using it.”

    I purchased the Hoodman Loupe after watching one of your episodes. My eyesight seems to be getting worse, a few years after my lasik surgery. No matter how hard I tried, getting a sharp image was nearly impossible. Then I purchased the hoodman loupe and my ability to once gain get ultra-sharp images was finally realized!

    I simply autofocus my 5DMII with Live View, zoom in @ 5x, turn off autofocus, plop on the hoodman loupe and make my final focus adjustments. It’s a miracle!!!

    I’m happy to look like a tool (or a lady tool, or a tool-ette) so long as I continue to get these amazing results! Once again Aaron, you saved the day!

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