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Kingston Memory Card Reader
Name: Kingston Memory Card Reader
Essential Sale 1-10
1 = I almost never use this thing.
10 = You had better own this, like yesterday.
Essential Scale: 10

This is super cheap and goes 10X faster than the regular USB plug-in cord. Uploading a Phlearn episode used to take like 45 minutes using the USB cord and now it takes 3 minutes!


Kingston¿s new Media Reader moves files seamlessly from a digital device to your computer. It supports 19 card types, including SD, MMC and CF formats. With the self-contained USB cable and an additional 3-foot cable for stationary use, it¿s easy to travel with and backed by a two-year warranty and 24/7 tech support.

Technical Details

  • Operating System Compatibility Windows 2000 (SP3 and above), XP (SP1 and above) and VistaTM; Mac OS 10.x and above
  • Support for: MMCmobile, SD, SDHC, MMC, MMCplus, RS-MMC; MiniSD,miniSDHC; microSD, microSDHC; MMCmicro; CF Type I and II, Microdrive; MemoryStick, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro Duo; MemoryStick Micro (M2)


If you are not currently using a memory card reader, get one now. This happens to be a pretty good one and it is not expensive, that is why I own 3.

Personal Experience

I have had this card reader for a few years and it is still working great. It will accept any type of card you have, and it transfers relatively fast.

I am sure there are other readers out there that transfer faster, but that has never gotten in the way of me doing my job. I can see it being important for a wedding photographer who needs to dump thousands of images at a time, sometimes during weddings. When I import images into my computer through Lightroom, I prefer to have them copy as DNG files which requires conversion. My computer is the bottleneck in this case, not the card reader.

It doesn’t matter if you have this card reader or another, just as long as you are using one. If you are transferring your images via USB cable from your computer you will notice a huge difference in speed.

If you are shooting with an SD card and your computer already has a built in reader like my Macbook PRO and my iMac  don’t buy one of these. The built in card reader is better. The reason I use them is because the Canon 5dMkii uses CF Cards. Don’t try to shove CF cards into an  SD slot, bad news.

Bonus Use

If you are like me, you have a ton of CF and SD memory cards, and always seem to be short a USB flash drive or portable HDD. All of those memory cards can store other things besides photos, they ARE portable hard drives. Simply use your card reader and you instantly have a 16GB (depending on the size of your card) disk. Drag and drop files onto it like you would any other HDD.

The Goods

  • Inputs – This card reader does it all, there are slots on here that correlate to cards I have never even heard of.
  • USB Cable – There is a very short USB cable included, just plug it into your computer and place a card in the slot.
  • Weird Protective Design – If you push the button on the top, the inner section slides back and forth, revealing the slots, and then hiding them. You can tuck your cards into a little cave so they won’t be broken off during travel or doing whatever weird it is you do with your gear. This mostly just confuses people, but it is a nice thought.
  • Light – Turns on when it is working.

The Bads

  • Cheap – This thing is kind of a piece of junk, but it works well so who cares.
  • Size – It is a bit big for what it does, but that is mostly because of the many slot options.

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