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Umbrella Stand Adapter
Name: Umbrella Stand Adapter

This sits on top of a light stand. You can use an on camera flash and put it on top. The umbrella goes right through the hole to soften your light source.


No place to mount an umbrella on your light stand? That is no problem with this Manfrotto Swivel Umbrella Adapter (Lite-Tite). This adapter attaches between the light head and stand, giving a receptacle for mounting an umbrella. The adapter also tilts allowing multiple positioning of the light head and umbrella. Attachment: 17.5mm female; attachment 2: 17.5mm female; color: black; load capacity: 5.51 lbs.; material: aluminum; weight: 0.84 lbs.

Technical Details

  • Easily attaches an umbrella to your light stand.
  • Tilting feature adds adjustability to light and umbrella.

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