Oct 20, 2011

How to Add an Animal into the Foreground

Y’all asked to add an animal into the image, and to make things even a bit more difficult we decided to add a cat into the foreground.

First, we found an image of a cat that works for the photograph. You can take your own image as long as you remember to light it all the same. We made a selection around the cat using the magic wand tool, and with the outline selected all we have to do is fill in the middle to make a quick, easy, and perfect selection. In order to make the cat seem natural we then use a combination of levels, hue, and saturation to make sure we get the color right. And we use a few special techniques to check the values of each. And finally a custom brush with the clone stamp tool to add more grass in front of the cat.

Hope you all enjoy and can put this all in to practice soon!

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    Yes I realize I am really behind, but the hue/saturation thing is the most awesome thing I have seen in some time.¬† Something I didn’t realize and will totally use!

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    Andrea Peipe

    Well, I wanted a dinosaur ūüėȬ†But a cat is fine too *g*
    Another great episode Aaron, I have to find something to add to a photo. 

    Unfortunately no cat or dog or animal :( My family used to have a cat but she died about 20 years ago…

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    Michael Nightmare

    Nice episodes this week. I am sad I did not make it on the site in time to try and get everyone to rally for a dinosaur to be added to the image but cat’s are cool. I have a tattoo of my cats on my arm. It’s awesome haha. Since there is a cat in the image give it an overall happy tone and have them looking at a rainbow and if there is time throw a unicorn in for good measure.

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    Priscilla Lumbreras Fern√°ndez

    It’s a pity, yesterday I couldn’t post. I’ve been searching images and I
    have find this funny dog (I know that the image it’s not the perfect
    one for this photo but I think that it could be very interesting to see
    how you put the light behind the dog and this kind of things), and then
    my internet died…

    Sincerely I don’t know what did I do to improve this image, I think it’s
    kind of dull. When I have a photo that it’s fine but I don’t really
    like I use to put an UFO on that… I don’t know if it’s that what you

    I have to say, that this image it’s not very interesting to me BUT the
    tutorial is fantastic. Normally I use to break my head every time I have
    to match different images that I take in different places and most of
    the time I don’t really like the result. I know that after this week I
    finally can do this right. Thank you very much Aaron, you are helping me
    a lot.

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    William McEwen

    I think that when you create new layers you should name them (eg: Chris, cat, grass, etc) as then when youre flipping through the layers quickly people can keep up better with what active layer youre working upon.
    My dog can add and subtract to six. Her multiplication sucks though =)

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    Anan Adnan

    i think all cats do that thing you said 
    i love cats and i have one 
    the funny thing about cat there curiosity they do alot of ridicules  things and there is a picture of my cat that show that she did something and because she has a withe hair  its shown on here face that she did something !! LOL
    if you love cats you should see the rest of her photos :)