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How To Create AWESOME Panoramas

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Jun 29

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Creating a Panorama

First, I started out by resizing the images in Lightroom because the files are so large.  Then I brought all of the images into Photoshop to start the masterpiece!

By using the Photo Merge Tool in Photoshop, I can load all of the images of the panorama into Photoshop at the same time.  While the images load, they automatically stitch themselves together with layer masks included.

Once the panorama is loaded, I merge all of the images together to start working with the panorama as a whole.  Then I use the Warp Tool to help straighten the horizon.  Experiment with the Warp Tool on the image until you get the results you want.  You might have to do this a few times.  Last but not least, I crop the image to make the edges even.

News & Updates

There’s a contest going on this week where you can submit a conceptual self-portrait to win Phlearn PRO’s.  You can check out the article HERE. The winners will be announced when the next article is released on Wednesday.

A new Phlearn PRO has been released today.  Learn how to create beautiful vintage fashion images and how to master color.  You can check out and purchase the PRO HERE.


  • Fabiano

    Looks like  a Morning Glory cloud:

  • Rubén Chase

    With that huge photo it will be awesome to make a polar coordinates filter, and make an “apocalipse” planet, hahahaha

  • Chris

    Check out Hugin – puts photoshop pano tools to shame.

  • James Brown

    Ya, that same storm took out the power to over 100,000 people in the city I live in, and blew a tree over into my house. Still don’t have power. Great shot(s) though Aaron! Wish I’d had my camera with me when it hit.

  • Priscilla Lumbreras

    It looks like clouds, but this is smoke.

    By the way, where are the teddy bear pro tutorial? I was to buy it yesterday but you delete it, right?

  • Alec Victor Di Santo

    its called a bow echo

  • Debbie Taylor

    Thanks for the tip on exposure lock, could of used it a couple weeks ago when I did this panorama of the Rockies in Alberta, Canada. It was a massive file size, I shrunk it down from 172 mb.

  • Guest

    Can not say enough about the workflow short keys. Love the work.

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