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Oct 27, 2011

How to Create Scar Tissue

Halloween is back, and we are creating scar tissue from scratch. Thanks to Petter, Chad & Eric

We start by creating a custom brush to bring in some variability in the stroke. Things like scattering, size jitter, opacity jitter are a huge help in creating effects that look more real. We are using layer FX to bring out the highlights and shadows, and make the brush stroke look as though it is raised off the surface of the skin.

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    anna fabia

    Cool video, I really enjoy the halloween theme!

    Scar story:
    When I was six years old there was something called the bookbus, it was a library in a bus. In the bus they had free candy. Every time the bookbus came by my school all the children ran so fast they could to have some candy (and if you came late there wasn’t gonna be any candy left for you.)
    One day we ran to the bookbus and a boy wanted to outrun me but he wasn’t that fast so he pushed me. Unfortunately i fell in the stonestairs in the schoolyard. I remember blood ran into my eyes. I was pretty chocked but I took some blood and put it on my teddybear and pretended he also got hurt in the stairs.
    Today I got a scar on my forehead and I don’t think I would remember the strange bookbus without it.

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    Dale Antony Richards

    My scar Story:

    On my sixth birthday me and my cousin were playing football with a basketball and as she kicked the ball to me; I went to stop it with my foot but because it was a big ball with a lot of grip and a very little leg; as I put my foot on it the motion of the ball managed to make my leg spin with the ball until it spun my thigh bones, not just out of socket but out of my skin! Fortunatly my uncle is a qualified paramedic so I was able to be seen to quickly.

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    Paul Liebrand

    When did you guys remove the episode #’s from the videos?  Was this intentional?

    My scar story:

    When I was younger I was on a school trip to a very remote location. I decided to sit down on a rusty barrel.  When I stood up my leg was sliced open and part of my muscle was hanging out the back of my leg.  They threw me into a pick up truck and we had to drive extremely far to a local medical facility where they had to stick a huge needle into the wound.

    Still have the scar on the back of my leg.

  • user image

    Aaron, promise you won’t get MAD!

    When I saw you in that shirt I thought, all you need is a cream blazer, and a park bench!
    You know I love you really! :p

    • user image

      It wouldn’t let me edit my comment :(

      Scar Story:
      Dad said when I was a baby I could run before I could crawl.
      One day he put me down on the floor, my legs were spinning like a wind up toy. As soon as I made contact with the floor, I ran across the room, right into a radiator, and split my head open.
      I ran back to him crying, saying “Daddy Fix”.

      So you know what he did? He dabbed the cut in whisky… and that was it!
      No hospital, no stiches, no nothing… *sigh*
      So now I have a little reminder on my forehead forever. lol