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How to Edit Beer in Photoshop Part 1

Aug 29

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Today is part 2 of our photographing beer series.

Yesterday we showed you the photoshoot and how to light beer, and today we are showing you exactly what happens when you bring those photos into Photoshop. Today will be part 1 of editing in Photoshop, so be sure to keep an eye out for Part 2 (in Photoshop) which will be out tomorrow!

In this video we cover how to cut the beer out from the background, and how to create the background that we made with the brush tool. By the end of this tutorial we have the photo looking like this:

Tomorrow we are going over how to add the water to complete this mock ad campaign for Heineken beer. Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, now go treat yourself to a beer!

In case you missed it yesterday- How to Light Beer – The photoshoot. 

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  • Filipe Santos

    The start was very good … “Can you give me a beer?” Ggreat episode.

  • Treider

    Nice!!! I usually align layers by first choosing the move tool “v” then using the align buttons on the top-left(middle) menu that pops up with it :)

  • Dmitriy Elyazov

    Now i want beer too! ((

  • Daniel James T Cook

    Did I do it right?

  • Daniel James T. Cook

    Ack. Disqus picture problems

  • Brian Fisher

    View >  New Guide > type in 50% click Horizontal, repeat again 50% Vertical to get the perfect center Guides!

  • Brad Holland

    Ctrl or Cmd + ; hides and shows the guides. Just a quick shortcut I find useful instead of always having to drag them off the stage every time.

  • Bill

    Love it, thanks.  I am going to do some of the same setup for some Aviation items.  Thanks Again

  • ArakanI

    Setting the ruler to “Percent” makes the guides snap at 50% too.

  • Gaston Enria

    Thanks Aaron for the tutorial! Here are my results… its beer from my country (Argentina)

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