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How to Edit Beer in Photoshop Part 2

Aug 30

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Completing the image in Photoshop

Today we are completing this beer image in Photoshop. We cover the lighting effects as well as adding the splashes around the beer. The trick when doing this sort of composite is to know how much masking needs to be done. Too much and you are wasting your time, too little and you will see elements of the image that you don’t want.

In this image we use blending modes like SCREEN, COLOR DODGE, and COLOR BURN to help with the masking!


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  • Vincent Senegal

    Thanks Arron,

    I did photograph a beer yesterday… Anyway you could share your water images so we can try to add it to our photos?

  • Vincent Senegal

     I meant “Could you” instead of “You could”… Sorry for my english..

  • Carl Constantine

    If you used and spilled actual beer like that, it would be classified as Alcohol Abuse :-)

  • Damian Sanchez

    Hey Aaron,

    Cool tutorial – but, I can see some splotchy bits at the bottom of the image around the water, just FYI!

  • Rubén Chase

    On the final image, I can see a hard edge on the layer mask down there, close of the Heineken logo, and at the left of the “complete your DNA” phrase. Maybe you can fix it in 5 minutes to make it much more realistic.

    Great tutorial, I learned a few things! :D

  • Mark

    Nicely done Aaron!  Very good series.

  • Anders


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  • Pan_Natan
  • Piotrek

    Perła rządzi :D  

  • Barış Benice

    Hi Aaron, it’s my AXE Dark Temptation work. Hope you’ll like it.

  • Pan_Natan
  • Gaston Enria

    And here its the same photo but now withs splashes, i have some troubles doing it all by my self but the experience was fun!, sorry for my english! Hope I can continue posting my results from what i learn from u!

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