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How to Light Beer Phlearn Style

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Aug 28

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Today we’re going to show you how to shoot beer!

Everyone here loves photography right? Everyone here loves beer- right? Well, we may as well combine the two! Too bad we didn’t do this everyday.. After shooting we’d crack open a beer and share one with the whole Phamily!

In this episode we’re going over how to light a bottle of beer. This is great for brushing up on your product photography skills. We even set up a blender to spin a bottle of water, so we can create a double helix of water going around the bottle.

This will be a 3 part series. Part one is the photoshoot, and the lighting set-up, part 2 and 3 will be in Photoshop. Keep your eyes peeled for parts 2 and 3, part 2 coming out tomorrow!

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  • Dwain Thomas

    That what I love seeing Photography..thanks Aaron

  • Damian Sanchez

    Cool episode guys!

  • Paul Ferradas

    Check out my Heinken bottle that I did, it’s in the “Product and Advertising” portfolio found here

    Thanks for sharing Aaron

  • Paul Ferradas

    I’d like to add that using a 50/50 mix of water and glycerine really beads up the water nicely on the bottle and also, for the frost, I would go to the hardware store and pick up Frost Paint. You can paint the frost on the bottle and you can work on the frosty bottle for as long as you want without worrying about the frost melting ;)

  • Aaron Nace

    Awesome portfolio Paul!

  • James Warwood

    I tried shooting beer once. The problem was I kept drinking them and didn’t get much photography done……… :) You can get some cool effects using a wide angle lens for a bit of cool distortion.

  • Yannick Morand

    Another way to shoot beer is to shoot it from under. It gives a nice glow to the bottle. I did a picture using a glass table and a piece of black cardboard with a hole for the light. If I had to redo this shot I would probably add some stripboxes too, but at that time I was pretty limited in lights.

  • Billy By

    shooting beer is fun :) Here’s a shot i did a few months ago, not as cool as yours though!

  • Anders

  • Paul Ferradas

    Thanks Aaron, you have a great port yourself!

  • Filipe Santos

    Very good episode … and have even drank a cold one :D

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  • Hilda

    Awesome! What strobe brand are you using Aaron?

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  • Jonathan Menga

    Pretty Nice

  • Francisco Rullan

    Hello Phlearn guys, I was watching this video at YouTube and immediately remember this amazing tutorial. Take a look, maybe can be inspiration for some great photography work.

  • Arthur Guimarães

    This was my shoot!

    Nice tutorial, Aaron!!!

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