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How to light Fashion Photography

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Sep 05

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Welcome back from the weekend everyone!

I hope you had a great time conquering your fears. I have so many to choose from, and a crowd of young girls kinda blotted out one of them, but I am now facing a HUGE FEAR. I am looking at life and business and realizing what growth is going to take. A complete change in my life and a restructuring of my company. Also Investing my life savings, moving to a city I have never been to, meeting with investors, opening up a new studio, hiring more employees, and going HARD CORE – All to make Phlearnaholics the happiest people on Earth.

Today we are covering how to reverse engineer lighting, so we know how to set up our own lights when trying to create a certain look or an image we like.


Feel free to post photos that you want some help figuring out the lighting, and we the community will get it figured out!
Does anyone live in Chicago? It would be great to get our community going from the start!

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  • Jesse North

    When I finish my program in a year I will have to stop by if you actually are looking for people, I would love to live some where else for a bit to be honest haha..

  • JoshLaiho

    Awesome! Looking forward for the changes!! 
    I’ve solved my problem with the credit cards so will probably be buying every phlearn pro available! LOL
    Good luck with everything!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome episode! I am so happy for you and super excited to see where Phlearn goes from here!

  • Debbi

    Wow Aaron, I’m blown away. I think you are gettin’ it together. Proud of you!

  • Jeni

    Oh my gosh! I just got around to watching this episode today. haha!!! Thank you for, once again, giving me a shoot out. That was hilarious!!!!!! =D

    As far as Phlearn goes, if there’s anything I can do from my humble abode in Ohio, as a stay at home mom, just let me know. I would be MORE than happy to volunteer some time to helping Phlearn expand. Even if it’s something as small as being a moderator on the future forums that were mentioned. I’m excited to be a part of this growing community. I’ve been watching since the first episode (and a fan of Aaron’s work for about 2 1/2 years on Flickr) and it’s been amazing to see the growth of Phlearn!

  • Canan Can

    Thanks so much! Her name is Nora Mathilda. She is my little flower.It may sound clichee but  I am so blessed to have her:-’) And yes, Phlearn and all the Phlearn-Pro episodes are becoming a big part of our lives! How is your brothers family doing? What is the babys name? I hope its doing fine!

  • Jeni

    Aww! What a beautiful name. My little one is Lexi and my older daughter is Miah. We’ll both have to post photos of our “Phlearn babies”. Haha!

  • Demetrius

    yes.. Phlearn all the way..  Chapters I am for it!

  • Amelia Fletcher

    Hey Petter! Yes, Phlearn Pros are available for a year after the purchase date

  • Cornflake Couture

    So you dont attach a flash to the hot shoe?

  • Justin Bonaparte

    Wow, congrats on…everything!

  • Steve

    Thanks Zack.
    Right now, I’m looking at a DSLR camera purchase for stills and filmmaking.
    Then I can fully play with my lights in conficence.

    The 5D is the weapon of choice, but I can’t help thinking the mk3 will rear it’s head as soon as I make the mk2 purchase. I need a few more video options that I think the mk3 will offer.

    I’ve also been looking at the 600D and 60D as cheaper options. But things are very twitchy at the moment with the GH2 coming out…  mirrorless too. God knows what that will do to the lens market?!

  • Steve

    Wow, beautiful images indeed : )

  • William drago

    I’m from Brazil, and I’m planing to visit Chicago! I hope I can visit and meet you guys!
    You should make a Phlearn app for iPhone. Great to sell the pro episodes and keep us up to the updates and videos..
    Best regards!

  • Zack Ahern

    No, you attach the transmitter to your hot shoe on your camera. There is a hot shoe on the receiver as well and that’s where you attach your flash. The receivers can handle the voltage of older flashes, but the camera can’t.

  • Karissa Hosek

    this episode was great Aaron I learned so much from you breaking down the images. I really enjoyed having Ethan there to ask questions it helped me understand it more in depth. My entire day I was in photo classes at university and I came home finding myself learning more about it! My photoshop class is nothing compared to Phlearn, aaron you rock for everything you do for the phearn community. You are helping the world understand techniques in Adobe Photoshop, they may as well sponsor you for being so fkin fantastic. Adobe headquarters is here in SF and they hold events in the city :) I faced my fears of leaving everything I had known to go out and commit myself to photography in a new place, my summer was fantastic but fall came around two days of school down and I’m hating the restrictions. I just want to create! not test, just learn, shoot and expand my imagination. 
    I would love to be part of the phlearn team or even land an internship or something! Chicago is great and the during the fall its just breathtaking.
    Keep it real aaron nace, go own chicago :)

  • Andrea Christina

    VERY interesting episode Aaron! I am quite afraid of using light to be honest *_*
    Will try to get into this. Soon. I think. 
    I love the way pocketwizards work but we cannot get them in Germany… and other light sources are so expensive!

  • Anonymous

    So question,.. when doing flash photography and off camera flash, do you need a light meter!?

  • Niyi Okeowo

    i love this blog ^_^ , after fstoppers this is my go to blog, filled with rich contents and amazing tutorials keep up the good work

  • Socratic1

    Aaron, thank you for sharing so much with the Phlearn family. Taking time to go back and see where it all started, and finding so much value. I can see why Phlearn is such a success! You are such an inspiration to me in starting my own business and it is encouraging me to share what I know to deliver value to as many people as I can.

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Want to shoot on a micro level but don’t think you have a lens for it? Take a wide angle lens 18mm or so and hold it to your camera backwards, get close to the subject and control focus with your distance. You will have no aperture control so work exposure with ISO and shutter, but you will be now shooting with a micro scope!