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How To Make a Zombie (SCARY NASTY)

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Oct 25

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This is one of those times when I really love being able to make gross nasty images in Photoshop. They are so out of taste, but crazy fun to make. This being halloween week, and the push from my crazy Phlearners means we get to be crazy.

Even if making a zombie isn’t your cup of tea, we do cover some solid techniques in this episode. We start off by using a photo to create a custom brush and discuss the importance of brush edges in making textures appear real. We create MORE BLOOD from scratch, use the liquify tool to nasty up her face a bit more, cut a finger off, paint over her eyes and more.

You may enjoy using this tutorial to impress your new GOTH girlfriend, or get back at a highschool english teacher who made it a point to tell you every time you made a gramatical error in your everyday speech.

What were you afraid of when you were younger? For me it was the garbage disposall and wolves chasing me around my kitchen.

  • Yo MAMA

    Yucky but cool.  The garbage disposal, really?

  • Paul Liebrand

    Spiders… regardless of size!

  • Angela Butler

    I only have one fear, and it’s stupid, but it’s the only thing I’m afraid of. Manequins.

    Suggestions for the rest of this week? I would LOVE to do something with bones. Something like your face and your skull is apparent. I tried it earlier in the year, and I did a good job but it could have been better. Maybe some tips Aaron, and here’s the photo I’m talking about:

  • Robert Kronqvist

    Aaron, naasty! When you flipped between your finished image and the one you were working on during the video, it felt like one of those scary videos, that sad parents use to damage their children with. It would be nice if you also posted your final images so we could use them as a reference when we are trying out your tutorials. 

    Angela, i like the skull idea!

    When i was little and walked home late, i always imagined that there was a lion behind the garage, ready to eat me, just before i opened the door… weird, yea. Since lions cant live in snow and -30 during winter time.

  • Priscilla Lumbreras Fernández

    I’m afraid of… mirrors… yes, I know that it’s estrange, but…
    Here it is a zombie that I made a long time ago, I hope you like it:

  • Dale Antony Richards

    Aaron, you’ve mentioned you love Harry Potter, and now you’re saying Shaun of the Dead is the best Horror movie! I think this is all solid proof you should move to England =P

  • Paul Liebrand

    Awesome pic!

  • janiecakes

    That was so gross! I was eating yogurt when I started watching and had to put it aside. 

    When I was a kid I was afraid of the garage because that is where my dad’s table saw was. I used to run whenever I heard him turn it on.

  • Aaron Nace

    this is so cool

  • Aaron Nace

    haha, I did my job in scaring you :)

  • Ágúst

    Woopwoop. Perfect for when you’re sick at home… 
    You were right too, it’s easy to go overboard :)

  • Ágúst

    Hmm, my comment disappeared… or maybe I forgot to press the button ;)

  • janiecakes

    I forgot to mention that I loved it! (Inspite of the urge to urp.)

  • Daniel James T. Cook

    A coarse rusted metal texture works good for this. 

  • Jeni

    When I was younger I was afraid of spiders, needles, and thunderstorms.

  • Anonymous

    This was good one… I think I got a little carried away.. LOL.

  • copper

    this is so cool

  • copper

    that is a cool picture cool dude!!!!!!!!!

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