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How to Make Social Media Work For You

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Dec 27

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If you don’t like social media, you are probably doing it wrong.

We are talking Social Media all week! Today we are coming at it from a broad point of view, and talking about how social media should be used. Great advice on making real connections with people.

Today’s Episode Timeline

  • 1:00 – Building Knowledge Together
  • 1:30 – The Most Important Thing About Social Media
  • 2:30 – We are all in a virtual sandbox
  • 3:30 – Be a real person
  • 5:00 – The biggest mistake I ever made with social media
  • 6:10 – The big turning point, what made it all make sense
  • 7:30 – This is not a place to advertise. It is a place to connect
  • 10:10 – You can go a lot deeper!
  • 10:50 – No one cares what you are eating
  • 12:30 – What to do if you don’t like people
  • 14:30 – What have you learned with Social Media?

Remember that it is Social Media

The first word is by far the most important here. Social media is not another outlet for you to broadcast a one-way conversation to people you feel should care. Make it a two-way conversation, and you will be far more successful. Not only that, but you could make some real friends in the process.

Go Deeper

No one really cares what you had for lunch. Even you don’t care. That is not social media. What conversation were you having during lunch? Want to know something about your “user group”? Ask them. Literally, you should not have to do any thinking from now on. You should never wonder how people will respond to a business decision. There are so many people out there just waiting for a worthwhile conversation to be in. Invite them into it, and you will have a fan for life.

What to do if you don’t like people

Don’t pretend. People have excellent BS detectors, and they will see straight through you. If you do not enjoy talking with people, social media is not for you. Really. You could do more harm than good.

It is ok to have someone help you with this sort of thing, as long as you are not deceiving everyone on the other end. Tell people that someone is helping you, no one will hate you for it. In fact, they will probably be jealous and want a helper of their own.

What Works For You?

Was there a moment when everything started to make sense with social media? Was there a turning point when you actually started liking it? What works for you in getting the best interaction? What mistakes have you made?

  • Anonymous

    really interesting episode Aaron :) a lot of stuff I’m going to think about I think…

    I personally love social media, and I’ve made some great friends through it. What i love the most is that I often get to talk to the people I admire. But I think i need to try and be a bit more interactive.

    I definitely suggest facebook pages. Its probably where I get the most of my views, and interaction from. Almost everyone I know has facebook, so it makes access really easy. Its also gotten me a HUGE amount of jobs. But I’m sure you’re going to cover that this week :) xx

  • Shahram Rad

    Hi Aaron.


    I agree
    with some points , but not al the people outside of the sandbox are bullies,
    some are just shy , and some are quiet by nature.


    By the way
    my favourite Photoshop teacher is : Deke mcclelland

    Of course you
    are Awesome too . :)

  • Rhiannon Connelly

    I read some of the free guides on Photoshelter – they do ones for setting up a facebook page and social media. They have some interesting stats and it helped me to get a bit more info!

  • mel

    I am so excited about this topic. thank you for covering it. I struggle with social media and struggle with how to make more connections without pushing or advertising. I therefore just share a photo shoot or two and leave it at that. as a result I have only 120 odd followers and most of these are photographers checking out my work. I am so lost with it all and  wonder how people get into the thousands!  the good news is that i am a social person and I do like people so you have given me hope. My cant wait to hear more about this. Thanks Aaron, regards, mel

  • Reem

     interesting episode Aaron!!

    I think social media is very important and it can make or break a persons career and raputation! what I find a bit hard is engaging with small convorsations without coming across as pushy or a bit creepy :s I’m also quiet by nature and I worry alot about being a bit boring!
    here on Phlearn I found that its alot easier to be engeged in a convorsation because well, people here talk back! answer questions!
    I can’t wait to watch tomorrow’s episode because I know I will benefit from it alot :D
    and by the way Aaron I love your way of teaching things! you make it so easy!

  • Tony Walls

    I’ve garnered a lot of attention on and people following my 365 from facebook.. Check it out if you’d like.

    And I’ve recently joined twitter (@tonywallsmedia) and tumblr … But the thing I’ve found facebook is that to really get feedback on there, you have to repost your images there directly because frankly people are too lazy to click through to flickr, and then image quality on facebook is CRAP!!

  • Hannah Stull

    I struggle a lot with social media. Its not that I don’t like people but I am just not a very outgoing person. I know that I need to get out there and network and meet people and have conversations though, if not for my career then for my personality. Great pointers in the video! 

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