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Match Your Facebook Cover Photo and Profile Photo Perfectly

Jan 28

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Using Screenshots

The secret to getting your cover photo and profile photos to blend together seamlessly is using screenshots. This will enable you to bring an image of your actual Facebook page into Photoshop and save your images at the correct sizes.

To do this on a Mac, hit Shift + Command + 4. If you’re on a PC, use the Snipping Tool. Use the crosshairs to select the area you want to bring into Photoshop, that’s it!


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  • Kozy

    Here a good link for FB timeline inspiration.
    and if you google ‘facebook timeline templates’ you will find a bunch of PSD files that will making the sizing even easier.. have fun! :)

  • Guillaume Megevand
  • Ralf Franke

    EInfach Klasse und super cool der Typ!

    However, you speak a little slower please

  • Tsaqib Al-Hasawi

    OMG! This is awesome! Thank you Aaron!

  • Pezi Be

    hehe this is really cool! especially if you have a logo!

  • Guillermo Herrera

    instead of lowering opacity to line it up… you should change the blending mode to difference and move the top layer until solid black, that means the top and bottom are aligned… but great tutorial

  • Jon Vogt

    Excellent video! Mine isn’t the best image to use, but if you look at the edges, the bokeh lines up perfectly. Thanks for this tutorial!

  • Isaiah

    Episode transcripts!! Nice!

  • Mikkel Emil Erbs-Madsen

    Just a quick help… You don’t need to make a new layer to align something to the middle… You can just load your selection, then change to the move tool, and the same options will be available.

  • james

    no extra comments after the tutorial Aaron????? but great tutorial

  • Chip Chase

    Longest and most drawnout procedure… you make it look so difficult and elongated. It can be done in less than 5 minutes with ease… around a third of the length of time it takes us to watch your tutorial video :)

  • Ahmed Elgamal

Episode Transcript

Today I’m going to show you how to change the cover and your profile picture to make a match on Facebook. It’s not going to take a lot of time and everyone is going to love you for it.

Hey, guys, welcome to Phlearn, my name is Aaron Nace, you can find me on Twitter, at @aknacer. Today, it’s a really quick episode, something that’s very cool. I’m going to show you guys how to take that cover photo and your profile picture, blend them together and make them look like they're one, it’s a very cool trick. I’m sure you have seen it around the Internet and now you get a tutorial on how to do it. Let’s go ahead and get into it, it’s a very cool episode.

Here’s what we are talking about today in Photoshop. Basically the idea is that you can take this image and your profile picture. Those normally don’t have anything to do with each other, but you can see here, ours actually do. The first thing I want you to do is create a screen capture. If you guys are on a Mac, it’s very easy to do, just hit Shift and Command and hit the number 4, that’s going to bring up these little crosshairs. What we’re going to do is just select over here, something like right about there, and come and scroll down to about there.            You can see here down on the bottom, you can actually see the pixels, so we’re at 857 x 349, that’s going to be your image height pretty much, so keep that in mind and just let go. If you guys are on a PC, we’re going to include instructions down below, it’s things like hitting Print Screen, you might have to hit Function Print Screen on your PC, there are a couple of other ways, but if you’re on a Mac, it’s super easy.

What it did is, it basically captures that image and put it on my desktop, so let’s go now into Photoshop and here, this is the image we are going to use, very cool. Let’s hit the Command-O to open, and we are going to go to our desktop and just hit this screen shot, there we go. What we want to do is now is size this image in according to the other image, we want it to basically be about the same size and know what it's going to be doing.

I’m going to take this beetle here and let’s just move it over, so I’m going to hit Shift, click and drag from one image to the other and just hit Okay there. We can see this beetle image is huge, so we’re going to hit Command-C, just go ahead and hit F to Full Screen Edit. Command-C and we’re going to link the width and the height and just bring that way down inside. You can choose this to be however large or small you'd like it.

Now I’m going to lower the opacity to see about where it’s going to be, and just looking at this image, this is all white over here on the left-hand side, which might not be that interesting. I’m going to right-click on the layer, or you can hit Command-C, right-click and say Flip Horizontal.  Now we’re going to actually have some of the lips in the part where the Phlearn logo is, which I think is going to be just a little bit more interesting, and there we go. We’re going to make it a little bit smaller even, there we go, I think that’s going to be really nice, and then what we’re going to do is, let’s just bring back the opacity and use our Brush tool, and I’m just going to paint white over here, on this side of the image.

What we’ve done basically is we’ve figured out about what it’s going to look like, just by lowering that opacity and seeing this is about the area that is going to cover, this is just completely a rough test. Now that we have to figure out about what we want, it’s time to go ahead and save this image out, and you can do that, go to Shift-Option-Command-S, or you can go to File and then Save For Web. This is a really good option, because it allows you to create small file sizes, which is perfect for things like Facebook.

Let’s go ahead and hit ... a JPEG is what you want, the quality, about 60, is pretty good, you can see it’s only 62 kilobytes, which is perfect. We’re going to hit Save and then we are just going go, I’ll just save it on the desktop and we’ll save this as “Beetle Facebook” and hit Save. That’s the first part of it done.

Now what we’re going to do is go back to our page, and I’m updating the slides so you guys can see after this episode is up, exactly what it’s going to be. I’m going to hit over where it says Change Cover and we’re going to go Upload Photo, there we go. To our desktop, we’re going to going to hit “beetle” or I guess I spelled that “bettle,” which is even better, so there we go, Facebook and let’s go ahead and hit Open, and it’s going to allow me to position it and things like that whenever it uploads. Here we go, it says Drag To Reposition Cover and that’s pretty much exactly where we thought it was going to be, so let’s hit Save Changes and we’re good to go, so that’s where it’s going to be.

You’ll notice our logo here is still the logo from the other Phlearn logo that we had, so we have to screen capture this again, and I know it seems a little bit weird, but we’re screen capturing it this time to figure out exactly where it is. The first time was to estimate and now we know exactly where it is, so we’re ready for our second screen capture.

I’m going to hit Shift-Option-Command-4 again, and this time we’re going to screen capture the same area, just like we did before, there we go, we've screen captured that. Let’s go ahead and open this in our Photoshop, so we’re going to hit Command-O to open that, perfect. Now, what we’re ready to do is bring in our actual logo and isolate this out.

That’s not actually that hard to do. What we are going to do is create a new layer. Let’s go ahead and zoom in, and on this new layer, I’m going to use my Marquee tool, and we’re just going to make a selection right over here, this is going to be the selection inside of our area. In other words, I only want this area to be selected, and that’s what we’re going to fill with the lips from the other image.  Now load that as a layer mask onto your layer, so if I hold down the Option key and look at my layer mask, that’s what it looks like. Now we’re ready to bring in this photo, remember this is the photo we actually made, hold down the Shift key and click and drag over, and you’re good to go.

Now we have to line this up, I know it seems like a lot of work, but basically this is just going to go where our layer mask is. Let’s just lower the opacity of that and line it up, this shouldn’t be that hard. If you placed exactly right from this, guys, you can probably just do the same thing over on this one, but since this is the exact copy and we know exactly where it is, this is just going to work out a little bit better. Now that those are lined up pretty well, what we want to do is bring the layer mask from that we just created from this little icon here, we’re just going to bring that over here. I’m going to hold down the Alt or the Option key and click and drag from one to the other, very cool, and then on this layer, we’re just going to radiopacity all the way up.

Now that we have, I don’t want everyone to get confused, because it can be a little bit confusing. What we have is just a square that is the lip, and it just happens to match up with what I know the background is visible here.  You can just leave it like that if you want it, you can leave that as your logo, I just created this layer in the meantime to get that layer mask. You probably didn’t even have to do that.

We have this square is exactly the size of our little icon, now all we need to do is, if you have a logo that you want to bring in or anything that you want to bring in the middle of this, if you have a photography logo, we are going to use the Phlearn logo, because I think that makes sense. Here we can see Phlearn logos, PFC logos, and open our logo pack. I’m going to bring in the camera logo as well, so hit Shift from the camera logo into here and this is going to be whatever logo you guys have. You can put it right in the middle here.

It’s interesting, because if you want to center it out, I’m going to show you how to do that as well.  I’m going to hit the Command-C and hold down Shift until that gets smaller and smaller, but I’m going to place it in the middle of the square. If you do want it centered, let’s say it’s over there and you’re just not very good at centering, here’s a cool way to do it. You can actually hold down Command and click right here on your layer mask, which turns that square into a selection again.

On a new layer, what we’re going to do is I’m going to fill that with white, so Option-Delete, we’ll fill our foreground color and let’s do Select and then lower the opacity.  The only reason I filled this with white is because we’re going to use this as a reference to then place our other image. I know it’s getting a little complex here, but it will be all clear here in a second I promise.

Now that we have our logo and we have this layer, as long as the logo is inside the boundaries of this layer, all you have to do is hit Shift and click on the two of these and you can use… if you’re move tool, you can use all these alignment controls here to make sure that this logo, whatever is on this layer, in other words, is going to be the exact middle of the square.  You can do that by clicking right here, which is going to align it vertically and you can see it just did it and then click here, which is going to align it horizontally, and that’s going to put it in the exact middle. You can align it by the bottom, align it by the top, whatever you want to do, these alignment tools are really great and all you have to do is Shift-Click the two layers and as long as this one’s inside of this one it’s going to align it to the larger layer. Now we just delete that layer.

What do we have here? Basically we have exactly what we need. We have this area, which is a duplicate of back here with a logo on it, very, very cool. Now all I want to do is command click on this layer mask which turns that back into a selection, and we’re going to go to image, and then we’re going to go down to crop, there we go. That is what we’re going to load as the profile image. Now just a weird little thing I think Facebook wants you to make it at least 180 pixels wide, let’s go ahead and let’s try saving this out and see if it will work. I’m going to hit Shift-Option-Command-F again to save for web. We’re going to hit that and we’re going to call this ‘bettle Facebook’, we’ll just call that ‘logo’. There we go, let’s see if it will take it.

We’ll hit edit profile  picture here on Facebook and we’ll go to upload photo and then ‘bettle Facebook logo’ you can see it’s 160 x 160. We’ll hit open it says it needs to be 180 pixels wide, that’s what I thought.  What we’re going to go ahead and do, not a big deal, just go to image, we’ll go to image size here in Photoshop, and we’ll just say your width and height. I want those both to be 180, hit okay, now we’ll save it again, hit Save there, ‘bettle Facebook logo 2’ and let’s try loading it onto Facebook. Facebook’s going to size it down anyway, so I don’t know why it says it needs it 180, but it does. All right let’s try Upload Photo Now, ‘logo 2’, which is 180, let’s hit Open and there we go. It did it.

Now we have a cover photo and a profile picture that are perfectly aligned with one another. You can see the lips continue down and it’s just a really cool effect. People are going to go crazy over it. They are going to say, “How did you that? Oh my God, it’s amazing.” You’re going to be like “I’m not going to tell you. Actually I will. I learned it at”

So, a bunch of little steps there, but basically the idea, guys, is you want to take a screen capture of your overall Facebook page so you know where you’re going to putting everything for that preview there.  Go ahead and load up the background image in Photoshop and then you can select out the smaller square and load it up there as well, put a logo on top of that, and then export that as well. Easy… I think it’s easy, if not watch this episode again, because it’s really worth doing, people are going to go crazy over it.

Thanks so much for watching this episode guys, make sure we have a contest going on. Find out more information down below, you guys can win over $1,000 in prizes from amazing sponsors and we have some great guest judges as well. Thanks so much for watching Phlearn guys. I‘ll Phlearn you later, bye everyone.

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