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Jun 04, 2012

Removing a Tattoo in Photoshop

Removing a Tattoo in Photoshop

It turns out that removing a tattoo in photoshop is a lot easier than removing one in real life.

In this tutorial you will learn the easiest way to remove a tattoo while keeping skin texture. When you have to alter such a large part of your image, often you don’t have enough resources to use tools like the Clone Stamp or the Patch Tool. If that is the case it is better to just create an area from scratch.

We use a brush tool to paint over her tattoo, sampling colors from around the tattoo itself. It is kind of like a manual patch tool. Because we are just using a brush tool, none of the original texture remains in the photo, so we have to add it after the fact. This is not as hard as it sounds.

To manually add skin texture over an area you have painted just follow these steps.

  • Create a new layer and fill it with 50% gray.
  • Apply grain, and then desaturate it.
  • Change the layer to Soft Light.
  • Use a Gaussian Blur on the noise until the grain size mimics your skin texture.
  • Apply an Emboss filter to make it look like it is interacting with the light.
  • Liquify the texture to wrap it around forms.
  • Mask in areas that need texture.


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    Fantastic tutorial. My first attempt turned out great, if I do say so myself. Thank you, thank you.

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    Tim Piggott

    The cure for pulling back highlights is really good – Curves – Apply Image. What a great tip! Thanks Aaron. The other thing I really liked was using Filter – Stylize – Emboss on a noise layer to improve skin texture!! Awesome!

  • user image

    Idk, I liked vimeo a lot better. It’s gonna sound like a ridiculous reason but Diegobernich says it right. Vimeo gives videos that professional feel to it, but Youtube’s good too.

  • user image

    Youtube videos look so cheap, the feeling I have when I watch something in vimeo is completly different, it´s  like something more exclusive or a product with better quality.  Vimeo looks more profesional. On the other hand, in youtube you can find any kind of  videos.. any…

  • user image

    Vimeo quality is so much better. Not sure if it was showing up for others but when watching 720p, your mouth was not synced to the words like in your Vimeo videos.

    Any reason you stopped using vimeo?