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How to Repair an Old Photo Pt.1

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Nov 17

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Summary On Repairing an Old Photo

Your memories are important, and deserve to be displayed as best they can. Many people find older photos in boxes, albums, shoes, and they are torn, or folded. These things happen, don’t feel bad, just learn how to repair the damage on Phlearn. In Part 1 we are covering how to repair the border of the photo, and some great ways to blend layers together. Part 2 will focus on the Photo itself, and in Part 3 we are taking this photo and using it to make another photo look aged.

I am so excited to have my mom on the show. Not only is she way cooler than I am, but she has always been my biggest supporter. I hope you enjoy hanging out with us, it won’t be hard to see where I get some of my silliness.

What You Will Learn

  • 1:30 – Mother’s Guilt in Action
  • 2:00 – Mom’s Gross Denture Story
  • 3:00 – Outlining Changes to be Made
  • 4:00 – Fixing the Tear
  • 5:00 – Blending in the Tear Fix
  • 5:50 – Layer Mask Description
  • 6:30 – Using Levels to Blend Layer/li>
  • 5:00 – Using the Clone Stamp at Lower Opacity
  • 10:00 – Creating a New Border
  • 11:10 – Mom Asks Question of the Day

Question of the Day

How much would you edit an old photo? Do you like it with distress, or would you want it perfect?

  • ed perabatida

    I like the new design of phlearn: The summary, the related posts and the front page! Good job! BTW, 
    your mom is AWESOME :)

  • Talia

    Your mom is the cutest!! haha her recation at the end was the best!
    I love what you did with the border. I agree with you both, I like the look to be a bit more rustic :)
    Great video!

  • Aaron Nace

    Thanks Ed! We are working hard to give you the best!

  • Ian Arneson

    awesome episode, your mom is sooo cool. :O)

  • Drdenniz

    Your Mom is Awesome.

  • Vishal Chavan

    Awesome episode :) and yeah your mom is so cool :)   Thank you Phlearn :D

  •Дмитрий-Эльязов/100000665645476 Дмитрий Эльязов

    Great episode, Aaron! Your mom is awesome! She is a shiny and happy woman a guess! By the way, the design of Phlear is brilliant! It has got dramatical changes! I love it! I have a question. What would you say to photographers who don’t accept retouched photos, like it not some natural photo, it’s cheating and the only TRUE photography is SOOC+some color/contrast adjustements? (sorry for my english, a hope you understand what i mean).

  • Aaron Nace

    They are right for their definition, you are right for yours. Some people think music shouldn’t have words. The key is to bring taste and class with whatever you do. Don’t hide the fact that use photoshop, be proud of you images. If someone makes a comment on you using Photoshop, say “Of Course I do” It keeps me from having to light people on fire in real life…

  • Anthony Phung

    AWESOME to see your mom in this episode, it does create a real PHLamily oriented community.

  • Sebastian Ortiz

    So here is what I did about a week and a half ago… had this Military portrait of myself (circa 1986) in a suit case after finding it in between the mattresses of my Mommy Dearest bed… yeah.. don’t ask… anyway, took the photo back and had it stored in the suitcase, for several years and came across it and decided to try and retouch it myself… Didn’t think I did a terrible job, but I’m sure you’ll find some mistakes that I may have missed… Let me know… 


  • WoodyLo

    Awesome Mom ! Can’t wait to see part II. Not a bad idea to make your videos shorter in time and telling underneath what you teach at what minute. Thanks a lot !

  • Ana Hernández

    Hahahaha, this is sooo funny! I loved this episode. And yes, those related episodes to the topics you’re talking about on the current one is a great idea!
    Congratulations for that :-)

  •Дмитрий-Эльязов/100000665645476 Дмитрий Эльязов

    I got it. Thanx, Aaron!

  • Aaron Nace

    Thanks WoodyLo!

  • Justin

    Great Video! Your Mom is awesome!!!

  • Meera Kataria

    Haha love you’re mum :)

  • Griffe Youngleson

    awesome episode! love momma Nace.

  • Bradbethellphotography

    Here is one I did like a year ago, i fixed it up, took out scratches, re colored it all, etc…

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  • Jocelyn Meadows

    haha your mom is so cute :D you guys are funny together.

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  • Andrea Peipe

    Aw, so nice to see your mum and you together, you seem to be going so great! 

    I know exactly what you are saying about the every party etc. thing ;DI always tell people that I am sorry but I am having the evening off!

    As regards how much photoshop I use.. that depends on what photo it is I guess! For private stuff not so much, sometimes nothing at all but mostly quite a bit actually!

  • Cristina Ion

    Great episode! Also… wow Aaron, you look so much alike with your mom!!! :)

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  • John Mangino

    Love your Mom. Great episode tie-in too.

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