Jan 17, 2012

See What Hue Can Do For You

How does hue work?

Hues are much like saturation in that they can completely change the look and feel of a photo. It’s easy to leave the colors the way they were shot, but here we show you how to use them in a way that will help your work. Hue has the power to change the emotional feel of an image as well as make something stand out from its background.

Today’s Episode Timeline

  • 0:30 -Explanation of hue and color wheel
  • 2:45 – Examples of artists that have used these tools successfully, and why they work
  • 3:00 – Putting together the background
  • 7:45 – Trying this method out for ourselves using adjustment layers
  • 12:50 – Show me your images!
  • 13:20- That’s better.

Learn from the greats

Almost every great artist I can think of uses color in an interesting way to enhance their work and help with the overall success of their images. Once you understand the different ways to work with color  you can use this to your advantage with your own photos.

Don’t forget to use a color wheel

Color wheels are a great tool and can be purchased for CHEAP on amazon or you can simply use this website


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