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Interview with Caleb Spillyards

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Oct 26

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Today we take a break from the Halloween chaos to bring you the greatest hump day treat ever, Caleb Spillyards.

Caleb is an up and coming photographer who has his hand in about everything. He is an artist at heart like a lot of us are, and is finding his way through focusing on one thing and doing it well. In this interview we talk about expanding through social connections, business, art and more.

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  • Anonymous

    That interview was absolutely awesome… Caleb gave great insight into his world, which is important in any interview..Thanks, Caleb .I wasn’t too sure if he had more than one cat, but somewhere around minute 13:00 it felt like that Neo and the black cat deja vu moment.. LMAO !!! You did a Terrific Job interviewing him, Aaron.. Solid, Baby!

  • janiecakes

    Hmm, I guess I need to learn how to twitter (twit? tweet? tweeter?)

  • yamaha83

    saw you are published in this book! congrats! looks like a pretty cool book!

  • Caleb Spillyards

    thanks man! i really appreciate you watching!  and im glad you enjoyed my cats! haha

  • Priscilla Lumbreras Fernández

    Great job!

  • Melanie Hernandez

    loved this interview!!!!!!

  • Caleb Spillyards

    :D ! thanks for watching!

  • Caleb Spillyards

    thank you! thanks for watching!

  • Caleb Spillyards

    tweet it up!

  • Robert Kronqvist

    Watched this on the tram going home last night, and since the conversation box was was kinda small on the iphone, i didnt know what lived in your house Caled until you mentioned it was cats, kinda spooky. Couldnt really ask the person sitting next to me “did you see that in the background, what was it?”.

    Caleb, I like the idea to do things now, rather then just trying to find the right time for right things, and i think that applies for everything. I often find myself browsing the internet for photoshop tutorials, photo tips, gear reviews.. when i really just want to take photographs. I am not gonna produce more work, just because i know all the new technical terms, and techniques in photoshop. Sometimes i just want to press pause, and get the time to learn and do all the things i want to do.

    Have a nice weekend all, going to Stockholm myself, to new photo exhibitions and vacation time.

  • Ted Schantz

    Great interview! so i was walking through the art supply store at the Maryland Institute College of Art today to buy some stuff for a project and noticed the book “Altered Image” on a shelf and was taken back to see one of your images on the back cover! thought that was pretty awesome! anyway keep up the awesome tutorials and interviews.

  • Andrea Peipe

    So true what Caleb said… the quality is important but the connections are MORE important! I am so struggling with connections, I always spend time getting better, learn more with tutorials but at the end of the day I really need to work more on the connections. Really trying that! It is just really hard sometimes.

    I just added you on twitter Caleb (that I actually just started because I liked what you said in this interview). K, now I have to go and find out how twitter works…

    Any of YOU GUYS here on twitter as well? Let me add you! :D
    Or you can add me if you want to:

    @ Aaron : great idea, great interview, loved it!
    @ Caleb: great interview, you have some great shots, I esp. loved the one with the guys in a row and the ties in the wind!!

  • Mark

    The discussion about social networking really struck home.   I just started using Google+ based on the recommendation from others that it is a great vehicle to connect with other photogs.   I just added Aaron and Caleb.  Next I have to make my profile relevant and start posting.
    Aaron, I was wondering if you had created a Phlearn circle that you would share?  Hash tags related to Phlearn, etc..?

  • Amelia Fletcher

    Loved the interview and your photos Caleb!

  • Jeremy Cupp

    I could watch those cats play all day. 

  • Caleb Spillyards

    ahhaah they never stop

  • Caleb Spillyards

    thank you very much!!!!

  • Caleb Spillyards

    glad you got some stuff out of it!!

  • Caleb Spillyards

    thank you very much! twitter is very awesome.  Who you follow becomes like your news feed!  So if you follow photographers and the like your stream becomes super relevant about photography.  And that goes for everything! sports, photography, filmmaking, news, whatever.

  • Caleb Spillyards

    glad you liked it!

  • Caleb Spillyards

    for sure! i do the same thing. A lot of times ill do nothing but research and realize, “all this information isnt helping me if im not taking time to apply it”  so you definitely have to “do!”

  • Karissa Hosek

    great interview, really enjoyed hearing about business & tips. the end of this was HILARIOUS loved it

  • Selene Alexia

    Brilliant advice about finding balance :) its something i always struggle with too, and its just too true that you can take the time you spend worrying and just turn it into productive time! Also great tips on how to “make yourself human” via email! thanks for sharing and good luck with your photography/youtube channel/acting/production and everything else! 

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