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Intro to Perspective for Compositing

Oct 17

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Welcome to Community Week!

This week we’re taking a normal photograph which was shot in a local city park and putting a different background on it as well as editing it in different styles. The reason we’re doing this is to help save you time and money if you need to do something similar. It gives you the ability to make people look like they’re in a different location while not actually having to go to one.

But, we need your help! After watching today’s episode please be an active participant and try to find an image to use for the background. If you’re submission and idea is chosen you will get a shout out, and Aaron will write and sing a song about you during the episode. (Incentive to the max!)

Together we can all collaborate and teach you how to composite an awesome image. Happy Community Week everybody!

  • Jane

    Here’s my background, although the horizon is a little below the center. 

  • Paul Liebrand

    Excellent explanation!  Here is my submission from sxc.

  • cathey

    Episodes like this one PROVE that you are truly interested in and willing to share your knowledge. Thank you so much Aaron.

    ps- maybe only 3 entries, but Priscilla’s image is FAB!

  • Natalia Osmolovskaya

    I think what you do here is awesome, and you’re great at making weekend contests! For this one, I feel like there’s so much controversy about Lady Gaga, that people just chose not to do it, if they don’t admire her. But either way, the tutorials were amazing and I’ve learned so much from Phlearn that I haven’t even seen before on other tutorial websites. So thank you :) and keep the contests coming!!

  • Jay Stebbins

    Great episode, I like the way you are breaking an image into parts. I think going forward you should just do episodes on particular tools and techniques that are easy to find. So when you are trying to do something specific and can’t remember the finer points, you can come back to Phlearn and quickly find a short video and learn or refresh your memory. Sometimes, a specific part is buried in a much longer video. 

    Not a fan of Gaga either…

  • yamaha83

    i think it would be cool to go for a final image where there are stays and stuff in the sky! kind of like this!!

    or some lightinging and stuff like this!!!

  • Beth Duri

    Great episode Aaron, I looked through all my images to try and find anything that would work for a background and all my horizons are either on the lower third or upper third. I also noticed I’m not a big photographer of landscapes.  I guess I need to start working on taking more landscape photo’s for situation like this.

    Love the contests and would have participated in the lady gaga contest episode but, I started off painting makeup then changed complete directions after finding out that I enjoyed painting so much. I ended up painting a whole image.  I didn’t post it since it didn’t end up fitting with the contest. It was a lot of fun though :) 

  • Gisele Cossas
  • Gisele Cossas
  • Gisele Cossas

    links are not working, trying again

  • Ian Arneson

    Im only speaking for myself here, but Im not the biggest Lady Gaga fan and I think applying makeup as a contest was simply just too dull compared to contests in the past. Maybe some type of Halloween/Fall inspired photos for contests. I’ve noticed a lot of people’s attention is aimed at more manipulation in Photoshop versus makeup and hair. I guarantee if you were to show us a sample of how you did “The Meltdown Of Tara” and made a contest out of something like that or manipulation is general, it would spark a lot of interest. And maybe even the winner could get that as a Phlearn Pro.

  • Dale Antony Richards

    If I got a PhlearnPro for every time Aaron has said my name I would not need to buy any! =D

    Not gonna lie my back tingles a bit when I hear my name haha!

  • Dale Antony Richards

    If all this week you’re compositing that image of Chris you should make this weeks contest us making our own composite of the Chris image!

  • Priscilla Lumbreras Fernández

    Thank you! I didn’t expect that! Thank you very much!

    I thought that there was more people participating this week… My picture is very dull…

    But I have a PhlearnPro and a bracelet!!!

    Thank you very much!

    I will take a self portrait with both :D

    My contribution for today (I hope it’s not too late, I have a lot of
    work today) it’s one of my dull pictures with a little touch of fun. I
    hope it helps:

  • Cristian Brigo

    Hi Aaron, here my 4 options from istockphotos (none of mine seemed to fit your photo)
    In random order … 9530013, 17500580, 15542738 and 17969669.

    PS. Today I have received my Phlearn bracelet and I feel so cool!

    Thank you!

  • Mark

    I think you should allow more time for your contests. I am sure that I am not the only one who does not get to watch everyday but do watch them all when I get a chance. For example, maybe Wednesday would be a good day to announce a contest. This would work well for any requests (a few days notice is beneficial).

  • C. Allen

    Phlearn Bracelets unite! :D

    And these are awesome btw!

  • Anan Adnan

    LOL i love the bloopers :P  

  • Aaron Nace

    great idea Mark, we are going to be giving all week from now on.

  • C. Allen

    Is that. . . a UFO?

  • Priscilla Lumbreras Fernández

    Haha! Yes…

  • C. Allen

    O. M. G. :)

  • Andrea Peipe

    Noooooo you are not doing a bad job, not at all!! I can never find the time for contests at the moment :( I was in London and have not watched the episodes for the last 10 days or so. Have to get going on that!

  • Waseef Akhtar

    I guess you’re doing pretty well with the contests. It might be that some of the Phlearnaholics must’ve been busy as I was since last week or two and couldn’t enter to any of the Phlearn’s contest. 

  • Ahtziri Lagarde

    Guadalajara, lol…

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