Oct 17, 2011

Intro to Perspective for Compositing

Welcome to Community Week!

This week we’re taking a normal photograph which was shot in a local city park and putting a different background on it as well as editing it in different styles. The reason we’re doing this is to help save you time and money if you need to do something similar. It gives you the ability to make people look like they’re in a different location while not actually having to go to one.

But, we need your help! After watching today’s episode please be an active participant and try to find an image to use for the background. If you’re submission and idea is chosen you will get a shout out, and Aaron will write and sing a song about you during the episode. (Incentive to the max!)

Together we can all collaborate and teach you how to composite an awesome image. Happy Community Week everybody!


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Guests are limited to images that are no larger than 1MB, with a maximum size of 2000x2000 pixels. Only jpeg, jpg, png file types.