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Lil Frankies Moving Tips

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Sep 30

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What would you do on a 12 hour drive? Here are some tips from Frankie on staying cool, staying awake, and staying fresh with the ladies.

  • Janie Cakes

    you’re too much – that was HILARIOUS – you should be in the entertainment business…wait, you kind of already are!

  • Cherdivara Maxim

    man you are crazy, and thats cool :D

  • Rattyboots

    Good luck with your move Aaron. Remember to slow down for speed bumps! Thanks for making me laugh.

  • Roman

    legal liquid cocaine-5h energy shots is must. Music that you like to sing is very helpful ;)

  • Jeni

    I feel your pain.  My husband and I moved from Ohio to Washington (and back a year later) by car.  It was a 3-4 trip.  We were a bit slap happy by the end of it. haha

  • Mark ODo…

    12 hour drive..  sounds like a good time to unload on your Netflix que iPad style.  That’s 6 or 7 movies if you don’t stop for bathroom breaks and to eat….
    I got the idea from a NY car passing through Buckeye country.  The dude had a windshield mount for his iPad and was playing a movie.  WHAT!!!

  • Steve

    WTF???  lol

    Coffee, sunshine!  Lots of it!
    A big-ass bottle of water both for you and the car!!!
    Also a bigger-ass EMPTY bottle. I think you know what for *cough cough*

    Why do you have a pink phone btw? got people lifting eyebrows?!  UmHmmm… lol

  • Beth Duri

    HILARIOUS! Love the shirt.  Hope you have a safe and fun trip. 

  • Lawrence Smith

    lol am guessin too much free time after u were done packing lmao!

  • Demetrius Austin

    I don’t know what’s worse {better}, Lil Franky or the Nyan Cat

  • Igor Mekhtiev

    Ohnooo Aaron not the Nyan cat!!! Ouuf I was addicted to it last week after forgetting about it for like a year! eeeep. MUST NOT WATCH AGAIN! CANT STOP :P

  • Jeremy Cupp

    That’s the funniest shit I’v seen in a while. Love the editing. Was that a used toilet brush?

  • Jesse North

    Lil Frankie you so crazy.

  • Eric Burgers

    Best episode ever. I laughed my ass off! HILARIOUS!!!

  • thatgirlblogs

    Frankie needs to stop washing his whites in hot.

  • Karissa Hosek

    haha lil frankie,

    my first move to CA was 28 hours but more with traffic…
    how i spent my time?
    watched a shit load of phlearn videos to catch up…prob 50 or more hahh

    take stops for awesome photographs plus you need to get out walk around so your ass doesnt hurt so much…

    What is the shortcut to toggle the different types of blending modes?

     I remember you mentioned it from a previous episode but idk which one :(

  • cole

    That brush wasn’t clean.  Gross.  It’s been too long since there was a regular phlearn episode.  It’s been eight episodes since there was a regular phlearn.  I don’t like this.

  • Ben Leavitt

    What a great tutorial. I learned a lot. I can’t wait to share it with my friends.

  • Myrtlebeachphoto

    Good call. I’m about one more of these away from losing interest.

  • Ethan Davis

    Hey Guys. Sorry if this episode wasn’t the most informative ever. We’re committed to putting out free content 5 days a week, and we promise that regular Phlearn episodes will return as soon as Aaron gets to Chicago and gets set up. A lot goes into a proper episode (planning, preparation, recording, etc.), so this was probably just Aaron’s attempt at doing something quickly so as to not miss a day. I know that Aaron recorded a few of the goofier episodes at the same time in order to get his equipment boxed up and on the road, and so we hope you bear with us while we make this big move. Promise it’ll be worth your time!

  • Milica Tepavac Walker

    Cole, give him a break! He is moving, do you have idea how huge project is that?? I think it’s very respectful he at least manage to say hi to his audience and show some humor.

  • Igor Mekhtiev
  • Jeni

    You would think that people would understand that moving half way across the country takes time and a little of your sanity.  Please be a little understanding of the fact that it just may not be possible to put out the “normal” Phlearn episodes during the transition from N. Carolina to Chicago.

    Not to mention, you’re not paying a dime for any of these.  Informative or not….  Let loose and be a little silly sometimes. =)

  • Gisele

    Yes, the man is moving, It’s still very nice of him to come here and make us laugh in such a busy time. He has already given us a lot [for free], just enjoy it! don’t be a baby… 

  • Greg Sheehan

    I agree. Why are people complaining? Its a free service! Stop being internet trolls and give the man a chance to get settled in. Go buy a Phlearn Pro.

  • Bob DaBuilder

    It makes me laugh when people flame at free content. Problem with our society today, still don’t pay for something and they find a way to complain. You can go write your own photoshop/photography vlog if you don’t like what’s here. Good luck on that, I’m sure it’s going to be real interesting.

  • Carolyn

    AHHHHHHHHH…You are a “Classic”. You had me in stitches! I am SO proud to be related to you , keep up your “free spirited” life..CN

  • Andy

    You are fucking crazy man, in a good way! :) Good luck on the move!

  • Melanie Hernandez

    well then why dont you start doing tutorials everyday and see how easy it is? You guys need to get off his back. Be happy your getting everything he gives you for free. Instead of being grateful you just nag. How about not thinking about yourself and think about others.

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