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Make Your Own Light Stand

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Mar 08

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Advantages of Using an L Bracket

This episode is all about how to make your own light stand quickly and easily for much cheaper than a regular light stand. I bought an Avenger L bracket and attached it to a 2×4, you can mount it to a wall or any other surface that is stable enough. This is great for shooting from the ground or ceiling and getting those bulky stands out of the way.

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Gear Used in This Episode
  • Epiphany_media

    Ha Ha Already bought and installed it months ago.

  • Epiphany_media

    Ha Ha Already bought and installed it months ago.

  • Peter Cornelisse

    Hey Aaron, I was waiting for a “balls” joke at the end of the video…. Just out of curiousity: why did you write it on your forearm??

  • Matt Noodle Clark

    Anyone else having trouble finding the L brackets on the avenger website?

  • Amelia Fletcher

    Hey Matt! I believe Aaron got his off Amazon, but I found it on this website:

  • Tim Piggott

    Yep – Tried a Google search - Even did a screen capture and tried a Tineye search – No results!  Can we have specifics Aaron?!! Pretty please!

  • Tim Piggott

    Thanks Amelia – Got it now! A search for “Avenger F809″ does the trick nicely!

  • L.L.S

    Here’ a link to the bracket …

  • Greg Sheehan

    woo hoo, right down the street

  • Michael Nightmare

    It’s only $16 at the B&H link. I am going to get one of these I shoot in my garage and dont have a lot of space so this would be so perfect.

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